ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter 🐸

ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter 🐸

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We expected them to cheat.
Feel the frustration of another rigged election but then give it over to God.
Figure out what God is calling you specifically to do.
Pray for this country.
Remember Trump's recent statements.
We need an unprecedented cure so don't hang your hopes somewhere where they don't belong.
Only God can truly deliver this nation and we get to play a role together with Him and the beautiful Patriots we stand together with.
You're not the only one feeling the anguish.
Get your eyes on Him.
We need a revival in this nation.
We need unity and truth.
It's not over until God says it is.

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Twitter's first batch of damning information was personally vetted by corrupt treasonous Jim Baker and it laid waste to their narratives so just imagine the level of bombshells coming that they won't be able to personally shield the population from.
This is getting spicy.

What's gas prices where you're at?
Why is it cheaper rn

Name your time person of the year and why.
Wrong or right answers encouraged.

Trump cares more about the constitution than Bush, Clinton, Obama, and every deep state cabal President before them.
He put his life on the line to defend We the People from a globalist cabal.
That is exactly why he even ran for President in the first place.
He loves this country and is willing to take the painful slings and arrows that must be endured to save it.
It is Trump shining a light on the deep state that revealed the truth.
[They] hate the constitution because it defends our God given rights.
And the corruption is so deep that no ordinary measure can be taken to restore what was lost.
And that is the point.

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What a wild night!


Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸

James Woods is vindicated and on a mission! This is pure ***🔥***

What a wild night!

James Woods says he's going to sue the DNC after it's revealed they were going against his first amendment rights.
Destroy them.

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