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The People’s Bullhorn - Serving God, Seeking Truth, Exposing Corruption, Asking REAL Questions, Demanding ACCOUNTABILITY.

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There is now a line in the sand.

Get to work.

Ask your AG if they’re going to hold onto that red sash.

Pay NO ATTENTION to the GA rigged runoff “election”, where the black satanic “preacher” has been re-selected.

None of it will matter soon.

The American Christians WILL take this country back, and these evil, demonic servants of satan will be judged.

Stay focused.

Question: why did only the people that went to the hospital die of “Covid”? Why weren’t they dead in the streets or found dead in their homes?

Answer: They we’re murdered.

So incredibly sad.

Would somebody interested in saving lives from the deadly injections sue two of the clot shot’s most vocal opponents?

America Out Loud

Robert Malone Sues the Breggin's for $25 Million - America Out Loud

Why would Dr. Malone make his claim so large — over 25 million dollars? The effect of what he is doing should be obvious. It threatens us with financial ruin and ties up our energies. Does he want to make us too afraid and too exhausted to criticize his public…

So incredibly sad.

Anyone puts their hands on my kids, I will smoke em.

I will roll them up like a burrito, and smoke em like a pack of Kools.

Are y’all with me?

My response to ‘stopping the infighting’ -

What if an enemy pretends to be an ally and then tell us we have to agree with them and stop the infighting and then the enemy gets their way? 🤔

The haters are hating bc they cant do.

I am just a de-listed & cancelled random guy who platformed a brilliant Skow/Stumphauzer-created, Stew Peters Network documentary and penetrated the entire bubble.

#DiedSuddenly is so obvious to validate with a Google search that it’s too powerful to contend with, so they need to insult me.

Let’s begin giving voices to the families of the dead - not just covering their stories - but giving a grieving mom the “bullhorn.”

Let’s see Berenson et al insult a mom who lost a child. Let’s see how mighty they are to insult the salt of the earth being targeted by billionaires.

I will begin platforming people who have the credentials of “my child/spouse was killed by the shot” & the shills wont have an answer.

Even the Romans crucifying Christ didnt stop Mary from getting to Him while He hung on the cross.

If you want your bullhorn, send your story to

[@AlexBerenson]( - "Mostly," you say?

@AlexBerenson - "Mostly," you say?

Do tell, Alex. Which parts of the film are "bullshit?"

Also, please tell the families of the dead that it's "over-the-top" to discuss clots that are killing people's relatives.

I look forward to hearing you convince ten million who watched #DiedSuddenly that their "concerns" aren't "serious."

No. Only your concerns are serious, Alex.

You're welcome to join my show to discuss any time.

Dear Connie -

Dear Connie -

We will likely never meet in person, and I may never get the chance to hug your kids or shake your grandkids’ hands.

But know this: Until we are victorious and win this war, or until they come and kill me, I will NEVER stop fighting for them, or anyone else.

I will NEVER apologize or back down or “censor” my words so as not to “offend” someone.

We are fighting a real war. An open act of war, declared by world governments, against their own people.

We’ve been through a LOT together.

I’m so thankful to have you all!

This is a real family!