Pepe’s Safu Calls || ETH & BSC GEMS! 💎

Pepe’s Safu Calls || ETH & BSC GEMS! 💎



The last bull standing. 🐂

Gambles: @PepeSafuGambles

Owner: @DevPepe (VERIFY ME)

Lounge / Discussion:

Subscribers: 333,789

Drop wallets i’ll giveaway some BNB

(Must be followed to @PepeSafuCalls & @PepeSafuGambles) 💎 = 2nd best caller (i’m first obvs) drop him a sub.

gn fam

Alpha play here, i heard devs last did really well and lots of callers vouching this will do 500k+ $LOONEYTUNES ONLY 5-6K RN, GET A BAG HERE ASAP FAM!

got a bsc play coming... everyone of yall gotta ape this, im predictiing a easy moon

(ETH) Aped some $POOHPE Devs last project did 700k (Qatar Inu) hes got me and others in early asf before he markets and moons this. 0/0 tax! GET A ENTRY NOW ONLY 2K MCAP @PoohpeETH…

Drop wallets. (0.05 x 2 Giveaway)

Y’all want 1 more giveaway? 😎

Drop wallets. First 3 get 0.05 bnb each!

Pepe family only!

Bsc alpha launch happening in a few mins. devs last did 2.8 million.

get early entry: