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I want to say a word about my friend Ali Alexander being banned from Twitter. This is some BS.

There's something completely sinister going on in Ukraine that is threatening to spread through the West like wildfire.

Reality is setting in, no matter how terrible the instituted powers decide to become.

Best to be reasonable, step aside, and let peaceful conversations happen. Our shared future depends on it.

Congress person is like, "We shouldn't have a helicopter mounted turret gun on the streets!"

*foreigner commits mass shooting with that exact gun a week later

Ireland is doing a new thing. I have always paid proper respects. Wonderful people.

guys can't even differentiate to themselves when they're not in pre-frontal cortex mode. it's just like, "time to hit the vape!"

roosh accidentally smiled at himself in a mirror and burst into flames, writhing in pure hellish agony and screaming

Is it legal to put Clott Adams in the stocks and fling tomatoes at him?

There shouldn't be CGI anymore. It ruins everything.