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Radical, Woke NARA, which placed nasty Warning Labels on our great Constitution, Declaration of Independence, & Bill of Rights, colluded with the Department of Injustice, FBI, & Hopeless Joe Biden & his lawyers to try and hide the FACT that Joe has, & had, Classified Documents at his China funded “Think Tank,” & other locations. These same Weaponized Agencies Persecute & Harass me, my family, & my supporters. They are a disgrace! RESTORE EQUAL JUSTICE IN AMERICA. Shut down the Marxists. MAGA!!!

Will Trump Hating Prosecutor Jack Smith be investigating the FACT that they SPIED on my campaign, even as I was in the Oval Office, they Stuffed the Ballot Boxes (per 2000 Mules), used Covid to cheat, that the FBI pushed Twitter & Facebook around, causing massive voter disruption, and so much more? That’s really what he should be looking at, not asking a very decent Mike Pence why he didn’t send the votes back to State Legislatures for scrutinization, which he could have done. Get the RIGGERS!

Biden’s SOTU Speech was, at 27,000,000, the Lowest Rated such Speech in history. I was close to 50,000,000 people watching. So how did Biden get 81,000,000 in the 2020 Presidential “Election?” I’ll tell you how—It was RIGGED!!!

Biggest story on Election Fraud in USA History currently going on in Congress. Mainstream Media HATES IT! Horrible Borders, even worse Elections - 2020 WAS RIGGED!

Look, he worked hard tonight, it’s not a natural thing for him, it never was, and never will be, but you’ve got to give him credit for trying. I disagree with him on most of his policies, but he put into words what he felt, and he ended up the evening far stronger than he began. Give him credit for that. Many things weren’t mentioned that should have been, but that’s for another time. I’ve done a little clip, perhaps you’d like to watch it. Good night everybody, and God Bless America!

He said, “We’re going to need oil for another decade.” And then what, Joe, our poor Country will be economically destroyed, and never able to recover from what you’ve caused, and that includes the millions of people who are illegally pouring through our Borders!

Stumbling, bumbling, he just can’t get the words out. I don’t want that to happen, but the World is watching, and it's not a pretty sight!

So “funny” to watch the Biden folks try to explain the Balloon episode with China and, as always, use Disinformation to try and bring me into it. In the midst of a heated exchange they say “this happened during the Trump Administration, that’s right, ya, ya, The Trump Administration, that’s it.” Just like Russia, Russia, Russia, and all the rest, it’s Democrat disinformation (lies!), IT NEVER HAPPENED!

Crooked Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, radically deranged Mark Pomerantz, led the fake investigation into me and my business at the Manhattan D.A.’s Office and quit because D.A. Bragg, rightfully, wanted to drop the “weak” and “fatally flawed” case. Now, Pomerantz got himself a book deal, and is obsessively spreading falsehoods about me. With all of this vicious disinformation being revealed by a “prosecutor,” how can I ever be treated fairly in New York, or anywhere else? End the Witch Hunts!

This was TRUE Democracy at work!