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**Credit Suisse Ignored Murders while Laundering Cocaine Cash - Banker Testifies**Credit Suisse reportedly knew of murders and cocaine smuggling allegedly …

Credit Suisse Ignored Murders while Laundering Cocaine Cash - Banker TestifiesCredit Suisse reportedly knew of murders and cocaine smuggling allegedly connected to a Bulgarian gang but continued to manage cash that is now the focus of a criminal trial - a former female banker, accused of laundering more than a 146mn Swiss francs, told a court this week. (Reuters)

The indictment centres on relationships that Credit Suisse and its ex-employee had with former Bulgarian wrestler Evelin Banev and multiple associates, two of whom are also charged in the case.

Credit Suisse has denied any wrongdoing and stood by its former bankers accused. The trial began last week and is scheduled to end in early March.

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In an interview today, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov told me:

In an interview today, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov told me:

“I’m convinced that anyone with the faintest interest in foreign policy has now realized that it [hysteria about a Russian invasion] is propaganda, fake and fiction. You can only smile, as it’s adults spewing this”

**Blinken/Lavrov agree to meet as Ukraine tensions escalate**US Sec State Anthony Blinken and Russian FM Sergey Lavrov are set to …

Blinken/Lavrov agree to meet as Ukraine tensions escalateUS Sec State Anthony Blinken and Russian FM Sergey Lavrov are set to meet next week amidst Washington’s accusations of false-flag operations to justify an imminent invasion of Ukraine.

On Friday German FM Annalena Baerbock slammed Moscow’s “Cold War demands” - which the Kremlin claimed are not being taken seriously by the US - as Kiev and separatists sling counterclaims over ceasefire violations at each other.

Friday will also see a swathe of Western leaders meeting, as Biden hosts a call between seven EU and NATO nations - while VP Kamala Harris attends several days of talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, UK Foreign Sec Liz Truss and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky at the Munich Security Conference.

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Natural Gas by the numbers:

Russia exports 23.3 billion cubic feet per day (72% goes to Europe)

US exports 9.6 billion cubic feet per day

Russian gas for Europe costs as little as $270 per 1000 cubic feet (Germany)

US gas is sold at market prices, $1000+ per 1000 cubic feet

In short, the US does not produce anywhere near enough natural gas to fill any void left by Russia, and sells at prices up 4 times higher than Russia.

For Europe, which is already in the midst of an energy crisis, the consequences of sanctioning/losing Russian gas would be catastrophic

**Germans on Trial for $126MN Jewel Heist**The six defendants aged between 22 and 27 are accused of a 2019 robbery …

Germans on Trial for $126MN Jewel HeistThe six defendants aged between 22 and 27 are accused of a 2019 robbery of a museum holding one of Europe’s greatest art collections. (Reuters)

They’re suspected of busting into Dresden’s Gruenes Gewoelbe (Green Vault) museum and stealing 21 pieces of jewelry worth $125.79 million.

The whereabouts of the loot is still unknown.

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❗️Dark Energy: Where does it start and where does it end? Don't miss part two with Nobel Prize winner Gerard 't Hooft:Humans will never get to deep space – says the Nobel Prize. So is quantum mechanics and quantum physics just about probability and more of an esoteric notion rather than a precise science?

Watch: https://www.rt.com/shows/sophieco-visionaries/547516-humans-never-get-deep-space/

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*⚡️Anti-terrorist 'special op' underway in Almaty - Vice Mayor*The airport in the city has reportedly been cleared.

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Kazakhstan burning: Fires ablaze in the city of AlmatyFootage published by eyewitnesses to social media shows a vehicle in flames near the Almaty airport terminal.

Meanwhile the city’s administrative offices are still burning, recently uploaded video shows.

The fire broke out after protesters attempted to storm the building today, but were pushed back by security forces.

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⚡️Kazakh President sends request for foreign troops to quell "Terror Threat"Kazakhstan has requested troops from a collective security bloc - involving six former Soviet countries including Russia - to help put down a "Terrorist Threat" - reports say.

President Tokayev has claimed the so-called revolutionaries were trained abroad and 'thrown' into Kazakhstan - calling it an act of aggression.

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❗️'Crazy Russian Playbook': White House denies allegations of involvement in Kazakhstan riotsThe US is monitoring the situation in Kazakhstan - calling for peaceful action and restraint from the authorities, WH Spox Jen Psaki said.

Washington also dropped in it had nothing to do with it, calling it "standard disinformation" by Russia.

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*⚡️Biden to blame Trump for 'singular responsibility' - NOT partial - in chaos of Jan 6 Capitol riots*Subscribe to RT t.me/rtnews

Clashes between Antifa and police outside Zemmour meeting in Paris on SundayPolice tackled activists to the ground before eventually arresting around 46, according to local media. A second wave of protesters followed later and were reportedly pushed away by the police.

The meeting is Zemmour's first after the right politician announced plans to run for presidency in the 2022 French election.

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