Confuzzle Hao.

Confuzzle Hao.


Immerse yourself @atLabyrinth, where every twist and turn uncovers hidden secrets and unlocks the path to unimaginable treasures. Let's redefine the meaning of adventure and embrace the exhilaration that awaits us at every turn.
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ㅤㅤㅤ “AN OPULENT SOIREE” exquisite grandeur celebration ───── ⊱ ***🤍*** ***🦋*** ⊰ ───── Distinguished connoisseurs of the exceptional and patrons of the extraordinary, allow us to regale you with an invitation to partake in a celestial…

Confuzzle Hao.

📝 Haiii! For the first time, FuHao open board 😼 Please give us some questions atau sejenisnya soalnya kami bosan hohoho.
boleh pertanyaan seputar opmem atau diluar opmem, feel free buat tanya apa aja deh!

👤 Siapa si paling aktivis

👤 Siapa member paling aneh atau berisik di Fuhao?

👤 Hanbin boleh gak join jadi hidden member nya? Pengen jadi Interpol juga nih

👤 Mau Zhanghao satu dong, ada yang kosong gaa?

👤 Infokan ada berapa member FuHao yang jomblo

👤 konsep fuhao aslinya gimana kak?

👤 Kenapa kok dinamain Fuhao?

👤 testimoni dong setelah join fuhao! gimana perasaannya gitu

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Warmest greetings! I want to give all Haerin portrayers a good offer to be a part of MATURITY OF HAERIN. We accept people who want to contribute, have no intention to leave/inactive (please make sure that your mundane isn't in busy condition), and want to mingle with everyone. And we don't accept people who have two faces, siders, cloners in a bad way, and sensitive people.




ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Trustworthy characteristics are illustrated to be a terrific stain and can not be repudiated. Unspoiled yet kaleidoscopic upshots and knick-knacks are here to accompany some of the narrative anthologies. Through her sophisticated appreciation, inescapable…

Confuzzle Hao.