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Subscribers: 1,869

Benefits of DonateDear channel owners! This post we wrote specifically for you.

We want to tell you about some cool features and advantages of Donate bot. We believe they will simplify your life and help to monetize your channels in the most convenient and efficient way.

Recurring paymentsRecurring payments are automatic payments, which are recurring according to predefined schedule.

Our bot will charge your subscribers’ bank card or crypto-wallet every month until they cancel the subscription.

This is convenient because it removes the need to remind your subscriber to pay every month.

And, of course, as with any business, recurring payments significantly increase revenues.

Low transaction feesThere are several services in the market that allow you to connect automatic payments to your channel. As a common practice, their commissions are usually high and typically reach 20-25%.

If your subscribers are paying, for example, 100 Dollars per month, the service will retain up to 20 Dollars.

If you use @donate, the total amount of all service fees will not exceed 5%.

Automated process@donate bot automatically adds users who have paid subscriptions to the channel and automatically removes users who have not renewed their subscription.

If, for example, on the day of payment user does not have a sufficient balance in his bank account, our bot will automatically remove that subscriber from the channel after several failed attempts to charge his account.

You can finally forget about inconvenient Google Sheets and Excel accounting and endless checks of payment screenshots.

Security and reputationMany channel owners creating channels with paid subscriptions, accept payments from subscribers directly to their own bank cards/e-wallets.

Users are suspicious about such transfers, and many of them do not pay for your services simply because they are afraid of losing money and sending them to scammers.

@donate service is an official payment service verified by Telegram messenger.

Your subscribers will transfer funds without any fear or suspicion, because they see a bot that was officially approved by Telegram.

We even got an official verification checkmark =)

24/7 SupportAll issues related to payments and refunds are handled by our dedicated @donate support team.

If a user contacted you in a private message (for example, with a request to recalculate) - you can easily send it to our support team, and we will solve all payment-related matters ourselves.

You only need to focus on the content and leave all the technical issues to the professional team.

Thank you for your attention!Very soon we will have even more features, which we are confident will be appreciated by all channel owners.

[​](**Benefits of Donate**Dear channel owners! This post we wrote specifically for you.
**Donate was mentioned by Telegram**[@donate]( bot was mentioned in Telegram's [official update]( release.

Donate was mentioned by Telegram@donate bot was mentioned in Telegram's official update release.

Telegram’s team had dedicated only a single single line to us. However, these few words are extremely important for our team, because they increase our recognition and credibility.

We deeply thank Telegram’s team for that!

A Telegram Channel About NFT From Industry InsidersNFT | Metaverse is one of the most informative channels about NFT industry!

With all the daily news about how someone got rich with NFTs, or how someone got scammed, it's important to stay focused on what truly matters.

What the main channel is about:The public channel of NFT | Metaverse provides unique updates on the NFT industry and shares insights in a timely manner. If you wanted a single source of the most important market news — NFT | Metaverse is just for you.

The owner of NFT | Metaverse regularly answers subscribers’ questions, which include — how to buy NFT, how to create your own NFT, and what to do in order to be among the early adopters in the Metaverse.

What is included in the paid subscription:The private channel of NFT | Metaverse goes into far more details and insights. These things are commonly known by VC funds' analysts and experienced traders.

If you ever wanted to join a community of experienced investors and have a guided support by professional market participants, the private version of NFT | Metaverse is just for you.

The monthly subscription is €4, and a detailed description of the private channel can be found here.

[​]( **Telegram Channel About NFT From Industry Insiders**[NFT | Metaverse]( is one of the most informative channels about NFT industry!
**Donate added Toncoin cryptocurrency for payments ***💎*****We are glad to announce that [Donate]( and TON blockchain — verified payment solution …

Donate added Toncoin cryptocurrency for payments 💎*We are glad to announce that Donate and TON blockchain — verified payment solution in Telegram ecosystem, had joined the forces and became official partners🥳***

Now users can make donations and pay for subscriptions using Toncoin, while channel administrators can withdraw their earnings in Toncoin.

We will be publishing all the details and updates on our cooperation in the nearest future.A reminder that TON is a blockchain network created by Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2017.

However, Telegram was forced to withdraw from the project, and this summer the network was transferred to the TON Foundation, which is now developing the project.

FAQs about our rewards program.As you know, any channel that has integrated a paid subscription and met other required criteria is eligible to receive free traffic from the official Telegram ad platform.

Over the past few days, we’ve received many questions from channel owners and content creators and decided to create a small FAQ about our rewards program.

What criteria does my channel need to meet?1. Your public free channel needs to have at least 1,000 subscribers.
2. Your private paid channel needs to have at least 30 subscribers, and the total payments from them must exceed 100 euros or 30 Toncoins.
3. Your channel content must adhere to our content policy as outlined here.

Where will my channel be advertised?Your channel will be advertised through the official advertising platform of Telegram, in the same manner as our channel.

Your channel ads will be displayed in the targeted communities that share the same subject with your channel.

If your channel is related to the marketing area, your ads will be displayed to the subscribers of similar channels with a similar or related subject. If your channel is about psychology, you will receive traffic from psychology-related channels.

What will my ads look like?Your ad post must meet the requirements of Telegram’s advertising platform.

Once you’re ready to participate in our rewards program, you’ll be able to submit and discuss your ad post with our manager @manager_donate.

How many subscribers should I expect to receive?The marketing budget for every channel is calculated in a straightforward manner: we take your income and multiply it two times (three times for the channels that accept Toncoin cryptocurrency). The resulting amount will equal to your marketing budget.

For example, once you earn your first 30 Toncoins, you will be able to submit your application to @donate_manager, and we will launch your advertisements for a budget of 90 Toncoins.

Please note: you can apply for launching your ads only once every week.

What other rewards do you have?You will be receiving cashback for each payment you receive in Toncoin.

— We will be adding 10% in Toncoin to each incoming payment that you receive from your subscribers
— We will increase the cashback up to 20% for the first 10 channels that join our rewards program this month

Hurry up! Rewards are limited, and the conditions for participation in the program will change over time.

Free traffic to your channel.We, the @donate team, are ready to share traffic with projects that use our service.

As you’ve noticed, the @subscriptions channel has been growing at blazing speeds and getting lots of recognition thanks to ads from Telegram.

We’ve decided to allocate part of our advertisement budget to reward content creators who use @donate.

We’re ready to offer a free stream of traffic to channels that have integrated paid subscriptions and have met a few other minor criteria.

How to participate in the rewards program:1. Connect and integrate a paid subscription to your channel.
2. Sign up 30 people. The total sum of their subscription payments must be at least 100 euros or 30 Toncoin.
3. Write to our manager @manager_donate and declare your advertising creative.
4. Once you meet these three criteria, we’ll begin advertising your channel on Telegram’s ad platform.

Important:Your channel’s material must adhere to our content policy.

Our channel received a verified badge!Telegram only gives the verification checkmark to official channels to help users identify reliable sources of information among fake ones.

Stay tuned and use @donate!

How can my project be featured in the Subscription channel?Our goal is to create a market of unique paid channels on Telegram.

We actively grow the community and release reviews of exciting projects with paid content every day.

If you’re a content creator, your project certainly has a chance at being featured in our channel whose tens of thousands of our subscribers will learn more about your channel.

How do I get featured in your channel?1. Create a paid subscription channel with the help of the @donate bot.
2. Sign up your first subscribers. The subscription fee cannot be higher than 100 euros.
3. Send to the @manager_donate a link to your paid subscription channel as well as a link to your main public Telegram channel.
4. If we deem your channel worthy enough, it will be featured on our channel shortly afterward.

Warning! We won’t be featuring channels with 18+ content.

How Donate helps creators from smaller channels.Most small channels cannot provide their owners with a form of income. Therefore, these creators quickly lose motivation and give up on their projects.

Some of these projects are of good quality, and maybe under better circumstances, they could have attracted much more readers and supporters.

Now, with the help of @donate, content creators can either set up a button to collect donations in their public channels or launch an affordable paid subscription channel to begin monetizing their work.

Once money starts coming in, they’ll be more motivated to continue working on and start investing in the development of their projects.

Donate can revolutionize the Telegram channels market.Prominent Telegram communities are currently dominating the market, but their owners treat these endeavors like a business from which they earn money.

Thanks to @donate, not only can experienced entrepreneurs make money, but also creative people who don’t have deep pockets for advertising can earn a living as well.

How can I set up paid subscriptions to my channel?Integrating paid subscriptions is simple.

  1. Read this guide and set up the paid subscriptions bot in your channel.

Attention: For the moment, only private channels can set up the service.2. Remember to write a compelling description of your paid channel in the bot.

  1. Indicate your monthly subscription rate. It cannot be higher than 100 euros per month.

Tell your readers in your public channel about your new paid content channel.

The bot will also provide you with a link to the subscription payment, which you can use anywhere on the internet.


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