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When your MOH tells you it's business as usual in terms of incidence of Pulmonary Embolism...

When your MOH tells you it's business as usual in terms of incidence of Pulmonary Embolism...

and then FOI requests show you that the incidence of lung blood clots rose 11 - 17% in 2021- 2022, across all age groups



I am Jacqui O'Connor founder of Heart Place Hospital Registered Charity. I have first-hand experience of being a front liner in crisis, and starting creating a solution in 2017, when I could see a pending crisis, that allows our nurses, midwives, teachers, and emergency service providers to remain in their positions, supporting our mum's, our dad's, our children, or even ourselves.

Front liners have the highest suicide rate of any profession with 60% tapping out every year, leaving our support services in a dire situation and the rest of us vulnerable. Current solutions are not working, front liners are people-centric, who need our support. Heart Place Hospital is achieving robust, measurable, and lasting results by providing solutions that are long-lasting. This creates massive ripple effects out into the world. This creates ripple effects out into the world, picture this...we prevent a teacher from burning out by giving them tools to operate from a place of wellness, who go on to share these tools with their classroom, and those kids take that valuable information home to teach their families as well.

Bespoke treatments...

Everyone heals differently. At Heart Place Hospital, we are committed to supporting each visitor to reach the best version of themselves. We offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to everyone's unique needs. We know that you have your own personal magic and power, and we want to ignite your awareness of it so that you can achieve the best possible outcomes.

Carers committed to healing
Our Carers are individuals who have committed to their own healing and growth. They are experts at advocating for themselves and others. Their personal growth and healing translate into high-quality healthcare services prioritising helping others to feel healed, heart-full, and empowered.

Cutting-edge modalities
Through cutting-edge modalities and a team of experienced health and education professionals, we work with the power you’ve had within you all along. Heart Place Hospital's commitment to research and development ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, offering individuals the latest and most effective treatments.



That is the experience that many of us have had in #nz as we speak our concerns that differ to the official stance of the New Zealand Government.

If you haven't watched this professionally made, balanced, calm story of experts being SILENCED in NZ over the past 3 years..

I highly recommend doing so.

A couple of weeks ago i was fortunate to be on the panel discussion following two public screenings.

I'm the serious looking one closest to the camera

A real honour to sit next to truth warrior Lawyer Sue Grey; Doctor Anne O'Reilly and film director Sam McSorley

Please share this widely and help other New Zealanders to understand what happens to you if you refuse to abandon your professional ethics...and you have the courage to stand staunch in defence of the truth

#nz #mrna #informedconsent #covidvaccines #silenced #censored



Some people are very ill after their covid injections with a variety of symptoms that have now been classified as:

long post-COVID vaccination syndrome (LPVCS)

The symptoms mirror those experienced as Long Covid after INFECTION

They include:

*Persistent Headaches

*Impaired concentration and memory

*muscle pain and weakness

*severe fatigue

*abnormal heart rate

*unstable blood pressure

*POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)

*other immune and neurological symptoms

If you are in New Zealand #nz and suspect you may have been covid vaccine injured...

we may be able to help you find treatment, information and resources to help you

Dear #nz


Since news that a "covid vaccine" was on its way, honest physicians and scientists have argued that the #mrna products are NOT vaccines, but rather, GENE THERAPY

Many of us were doled out repeated social media bans and even de-platforming for uttering the words

Not only does the term "gene therapy" dissuade the masses from rolling up for just another vaccine...

It significantly alters the regulatory requirements for manufacturers.

If the #mrna products are labelled a vaccine, they are automatically conferred immunity from liability should they turn out to be maiming and killing people (!!); under the USA Prep Act

A new paper in the Nature Journal should make it clear once and for all that the injection your government assured you was "just another vaccine", was indeed a NOVEL GENE THERAPY

Having their #mrna products classified as a Vaccine, not Gene Therapy, handed a "get out of jail free" card to manufacturers who were subsequently EXEMPTED from performing the plethora of safety and toxicity tests required for Gene Therapy

The injection that you were repeatedly told was "safe and effective", actually had been exempted from the following safety and toxicity testing required for Gene Therapy

Genotoxicity (does it damage DNA)

Genome integration (can it be integrated permanently into your DNA)

Germ-line transmission (can it integrate into your egg or sperm and be passed to your offspring as a permanent mutation)

Insertional mutagenesis (can it cause permanent mutations in your DNA)

Tumorigenicity (can it cause tumours and cancers)

Embryo/fetal and perinatal toxicity (is it toxic to your fetus and newborn)

Long-term expression (does the mrna code go on expressing indefinitely)

Repeated toxicity (does it become more toxic with subsequent doses)

Excretion in the environment, such as shedding through seminal fluid or breast milk.

You may have been mislead to believe that all of the testing above was completed before you were assured that your injection was

"safe and effective"

It wasn't done

It wasn't a vaccine

It was and is a GENE THERAPY

#nz #mrna #informedconsent #covidvaccines #genetherapy #censored


mRNA: Vaccine or Gene Therapy? The Safety Regulatory Issues

COVID-19 vaccines were developed and approved rapidly in response to the urgency created by the pandemic. No specific regulations existed at the time they were marketed. The regulatory agencies therefore adapted them as a matter of urgency. Now that the pandemic…

Dear [#nz](?q=%23nz)
Drunk driving and resisting arrest...

Drunk driving and resisting arrest...

Not a great look for the #nz Minister of Justice

She had to go


BIG BROTHER WITH BIG EARS Can somebody help me understand how this happens?

BIG BROTHER WITH BIG EARS Can somebody help me understand how this happens?

I have just started drinking Eden's Cherry Juice before bed (BTW it knocks me unconscious for 8 hours straight!)

Tonight i go on Facebook and for the first time ever there is a paid ad in my newsfeed for Eden's Cherry Juice

I have never ever purchased it online.

Today i had a conversation in my kitchen with my husband about it.

He sent a photograph of the bottle to our friend who wants to try it. Sent on G mail

And a mere 8 hours later Facebook knows about my new love affair with Cherry Juice and is marketing it to me.

Besides it giving me the creeps...

I really want to understand now this has happened?

PS no I am not being paid to tout cherry juice, but if you have insomnia give it a go.


If you're feeling "homeless" in terms of your Party vote #nz

Check this out....