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Remote DevOps Engineer / Technical Writer

Company: is a content marketing agency focused on creating in-depth, technical content for growing technology companies. We work with subject matter experts from around the world to create tutorials, blog posts, and e-books for our clients. Founded in 2020, we're a small but quickly growing team of technologists, writers, marketers, and editors.’s writers create technical blog posts and tutorials for clients in a wide range of industries and areas of technology. Writer pay starts at $300 per ~1500-word article and goes up as you complete more assignments.

This is a great side hustle as almost all our 200+ writers are full-time developers with a background in software engineering, data engineering, machine learning, product management, or similar.

Because we create content that will be read by a wide range of readers around the world, we are committed to supporting diversity in our writers (we currently have writers in over 50 countries).

What You'll Do

- Write content such as blogs, tutorials, guides, and other similar materials
- Research and prepare demo code as needed
- Conduct necessary research to ensure the accuracy of the content
- Respond to editorial requests in a timely manner

Your Skills & Experience

- You have experience in Opentelemetry and/or
- You have experience using bare metal servers

What You'll Love

- Remote work: 100% remote work environment allows for a flexible schedule and work from anywhere in the world
- Asynchronous communication: No need to be available at specific hours or use real-time chat tools, promoting work-life balance
- Diversity and inclusion: A company culture that values diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our work
- Fair pay: Competitive salary based on experience, and a commitment to paying fair rates for quality work
- Honest feedback: A supportive work environment that values honesty and transparency in feedback to help employees grow and succeed.

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[​](**Remote DevOps Engineer / Technical Writer**

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Company: Ontropy

Ontropy is seeking a skilled and dedicated Blockchain Engineer to play an instrumental role in advancing our cutting-edge cryptographic technologies and fostering wider adoption of Web3.

Our protocol leverages advanced cryptographic techniques, including Account Abstraction, BLS signatures, and cutting-edge cryptographical commitments, to create more secure, efficient, and transparent Web3 ecosystems.


- Develop and deploy a peer-to-peer cryptographic system.
- Implement secure on-chain verification processes and manage efficient off-chain computations.
- Advance Verifiably Fair Randomness Generation Algorithms.
- Design, build, and maintain secure, efficient, and scalable blockchain infrastructure.
- Work on cryptography advancements to bolster Web3 adoption.
- Troubleshoot and resolve cryptographic and blockchain-related issues.


- Strong proficiency in Typescript and Rust
- Knowledge of cryptographic primitives.
- Extensive experience with blockchain technologies, smart contract development, and security.
- Understanding of Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Multi-Party Computations, commitment, and signature schemes.
- Familiarity with Account Abstraction (AA) wallets.
- Profound knowledge of Ethereum, EVM-compatible chains, Layer 2 solutions, and related technologies.
- Proven problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and passion for developing robust, secure systems.
- Demonstrable commitment to fostering Web3 adoption through advanced cryptographic solutions.

In this role, you’ll be an integral part of a dynamic team focused on building next-generation cryptographic technologies to enhance the functionality, security, and user experience of Web3. Your work will help us push the boundaries of current Web3 capabilities and catalyze broader adoption of decentralized systems. Compensation includes competitive salary and equity.

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[​](**Senior Blockchain Engineer**

Remote Customer Success Manager

Company: Tonomo

Requirement: at least 2-4 years in Customer Service/Success with an American tech startup.

This role is a full-time, long-term position with growth in mind. The following duties describe your first 3 months of activities to train and learn the system

Level 1 Customer Support

- Resolve inbound customer support issues over Slack, taking customer meetings as needed.
- Process inbound automated reports and escalate them to appropriate teams.
- Proactively pursues errors and bugs before customers find them.

Custom Success Coordinator

- Assists Customer Success Manager (CSM) in onboarding new accounts on back-end tasks.
- Communicates with customers via Slack to ensure they complete their tasks on time.
- Collects and presents customer data to CSM on usage, customer satisfaction, and growth.

Customer Success Manager

- Once you are trained and ready, you will be assigned a book of business to manage
- This includes onboarding, ongoing support, coaching, and growing into a product and industry expert.

About You

Our ideal candidate:

- Engaging to talk to. You can build relationships with customers over remote meetings and Slack.
- Experience working with customers who are beyond busy
- Proactive. You don’t wait for something to get worse, you fix it when you see it.
- 2-4 years in Customer Service/Success, ideally with an American startup.
- Fluent in spoken and written English.
- Can perform most of their working day during North American timezones.
- Works 100% remote in a professional environment with quality internet, webcam, and microphone

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[​](**Remote Customer Success Manager**

Product Marketer

Company: Coinshift

Coinshift is a leading non-custodial treasury management platform built on top of Gnosis safe. We provide a smart and sophisticated user experience application to manage treasury ops in an efficient manner. Our mission is to help improve the financial health of organisations.


- Develop and implement robust product marketing strategies encompassing positioning, messaging, competitive analysis, and go-to-market plans.
- Support Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies with product, sales enablement, pricing, partner marketing, and competitive analysis.
- Craft Coinshift’s overarching messaging and positioning, collaborating closely with our product and growth teams.
- Manage our distribution channels, demand generation, inbound marketing, website, marketing tech stack, paid advertising, and marketing analytics.
- Work closely with the brand & visuals designer.
- Pen our monthly newsletter, keeping our audience updated on our latest developments.
- Define our social media strategy, with a focus on Twitter and other relevant platforms.
- Collaborate with our Customer Success team to enhance user testimonials and onboarding processes.
- Regularly experiment with diverse marketing strategies to optimize outreach and engagement.


- 3+ years of experience in product marketing, growth marketing, or content creation.
- Prior experience at an early-stage B2B SaaS company.
- A strong understanding of the web3 ecosystem, key projects, topical narratives, and emerging trends.
- A proactive “doer” with a keen eye for exceptional marketing strategies.
- Excellent writing and editing skills (samples required).
- Knowledgeable or interested in go-to-market technology, startups, and growth strategies.
- Proven experience in establishing and leading marketing teams and strategies.


- Experience as the first marketing hire.
- Prior experience in the web3/cryptocurrency space.
- 2+ years experience in product development related to fintech, payments, or financial reporting.


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[​](**Product Marketer**

Remote Data Engineer

Company: Toggl
Salary: €62,000 annually.

We are looking for an Analytics Engineer to design, develop, maintain, and troubleshoot SQL data models. The salary for this position is You can work from anywhere in the world as long as your main location is between UTC-4 and UTC+8:00.

The role

- Design, develop, maintain, and troubleshoot complex SQL data models in dbt
- Ensure quality of data sources by writing tests, debugging data inaccuracies and inconsistencies
- Collaborate with business stakeholders and the analytics team to design and develop end-to-end solutions — while balancing business requirements, cost, security, and performance
- Produce automated reports on top of a data warehouse.
Participate in code reviews to promote a high standard of work across the team
- Develop our internal tools, processes, and workflows to help us deliver more efficiently to business stakeholders

About You

- You have 2+ years of experience in analytics or a similar role that involves generating insights for business stakeholders, exploring data, SQL data modelling, and statistical analysis.
- You have 1+ years of hands-on experience with dbt and a modern Data Warehouse like BigQuery or Snowflake.
- You can extract requirements from even the most complex of business questions. You know how important iterating on analyses is, to stay close to business needs.
- You have strong instincts and judgment about business implications of data analysis, as you collaborate with business stakeholders at all levels of seniority to understand their data needs.
- You are comfortable working with git, SQL, python, and dev environments You pride yourself on writing performant, easy-to-read SQL.
- You know how important QA and building trust in data is.
- You care about details and have a mature attitude to documentation, security, and process — all of which are important and inform everything we do.
- You have worked in a SaaS, product or e-commerce company before.
- You write and speak English well. You prefer to over- vs under-communicate. You like transparency, openness, and asking questions.

Bonus points for:

- Deep experience in one or more business domains (e.g. marketing, product, growth, sales). You understand how to drive value in these domains.
- Experience with our analytics stack (Prefect, Airbyte, dbt, BigQuery, Looker, Heap, Hex) is ideal. We're open to considering candidates that have experience in other cloud warehouse-focused analytics tools.


- Freedom to choose when and how much you work - we only measure results
- 24 days of paid time off a year, plus your local holidays
In-person meetups for team-building (expenses covered)
- 4-6 weeks paid sabbatical (depending on the tenure)
Laptop budget up to €2,500 and it renews every 3 years
- €2,000 budget to set up your home office, and additional - €300 every year after 3 years of tenure
- €250 per month for co-working space membership and/or internet service at home
- €4,000 per year contribution to use for training, workshops, and conferences
- €2,000 per year contribution for any equipment or services to improve and/or maintain your physical and mental health
- Support for buying tools you need for doing your best work (even eyeglasses if you need a new pair)


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[​](**Remote Data Engineer**

Community Manager (Portuguese / Russian / Ukrainian / German / Spanish / Turkish)

Company: MoonClub
Salary: $42K – $48K

As Community Manager, you will be an integral part of the marketing team, and will create and lead the community strategy to foster brand awareness and build trust in our ecosystem. You will be responsible for engaging and managing our online presence spanning multiple channels (Discord, Reddit, Twitter and Telegram) to offline activities such as hosting and attending meetings, conferences and events to grow and develop a strong MoonClub community.

About the role

- Able to take on one of the following language-speaking regions as well as time zone will be preferred: Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, Turkish
- Proven experience in participating and/ or building local crypto communities and a track record of successful local crypto experience is required.
- MoonClub is looking for a Community Manager or Specialist who has experience with regional community management to manage and grow a healthy community across our social channels and geographies including Discord, Reddit, Twitter and Telegram as well as to execute PR strategy.
- The role will involve social engagements within the crypto community, PR / marketing outlets and KOLs.
- Launch the Ambassador Program to build and nurture a community advocate program and related campaign to build brand passion and awareness for MoonClub.
- Monitor, measure, and report on the success of community growth and engagement metrics as part of strategy and optimization.

What you will do?

- Manage and maintain MoonClub local profile and image.
- Maintain relationship with media and PR outlets.
- Manage communication/marketing and PR announcements.
- Organize, manage and oversee community meetups and any other local events,which the company may decide to organize from time to time, ensuring proper community outreach and media and PR coverage.
- Manage the local online/offline communities and channels.
- Moderate the local forums, social platforms and chat groups and interact with the community to increase positive engagement.
- Ensure community acquisition and growth through reinforcing a positive image of the company.
- Explore new community-friendly platforms to facilitate the expansion of local user base and influence.
- Assist with the engagement of local partners - KOLs, PR agencies, marketing agencies, youtube channel owners, etc.
- Help with delivering local language content - including translations and proofreading.
- Provide feedback to Management of the company and suggest improvements in order to increase engagement and market share in the region.
- Stay on top of the local and international crypto/blockchain/iGaming trends and news.


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[​](**Community Manager (Portuguese / Russian / Ukrainian / German / Spanish / Turkish)**

Senior Front End Developer

Company: Elys Network
Salary: $70K – $150K
The option of getting paid in digital currency

Elys Network is in need of a strong front end developer as we near main net launch. We are searching for a strong front end dev to join us and assist with getting to MVP. Cosmos SDK experience is a plus.

Potential equity is available.

Elys is a DEX built with the Cosmos SDK that is structured unlike any DEX on the market right now, aimed on extremely easy onboarding of web2 users while having a sustainable non-inflationary revenue model right at launch.

Elys Network will be the DeFi platform with a UI/UX that simplifies the transition from Web2 to Web3 and capture the 99% of the population that hasn’t yet experienced DeFi.

We are in the final phases of our test net and will be integrating with the front end. Please reach out to find out more.


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[​](**Senior Front End Developer**

Senior Backend Engineer

Company: DappRadar

DappRadar is the #1 global leader in dapp distribution and analysis based in Lithuania. We manage databases with more than 14 billion rows and a size of +800TB, which provide data to our DappRadar frontend for our 2 million monthly visitors to enjoy.

As we scale our solution to clients worldwide, we seek a skilled, solution-oriented senior developer to join our already strong team. If you describe yourself as a problem-solver and self-starter, join our team! Our Senior Backend Developer will work with PHP (Symfony) and Node.js to develop, maintain and support our blockchain applications.

You’ll be in a rewarding company:

- Receive compelling stock options offerings and RADAR token offerings
- Work with cutting-edge blockchain technology and unchartered territory
- An international team of highly skilled and motivated colleagues to help You to succeed and push boundaries
- Flexible working hours concept, remote work opportunity, training sessions, and teamwork based on company culture
- Mental health & well-being benefits
- “Family First” policy

Get ready to make an impact:

- Develop, maintain & support internal business applications in PHP and Node.js
- Work with big data, which we fetch from the blockchain, aggregate, and display to our millions of users
- Communicate with business users and translate requirements into simple & elegant solutions
- Create prototypes & applications from scratch in a creative and timely manner
- Adopt best practices in development, code versioning, testing, and deployment
- Mentor other developers and help grow their skill sets
- Be proactive in recommending innovative solutions that can benefit the company
- Push the boundaries of what’s possible by challenging the status quo

What you’ll bring to our team:

- 4+ years experience with PHP (we use Symfony)
- Willingness to learn and use Node.js & TypeScript (our future stack)
- Strong experience with **PostgreSQL || Mongo databases
- Strong SQL skills
- Strong skills in creating & consuming APIs (rate limiting, caching, speed, queues, etc.)
- Experience using git (GitHub)
- Strong English language skills (verbal & written)

Bonus points if you have:

- Experience in Node.js and Express framework
- Experience with k8s as a developer
- Experience with AWS & EKS
- Experience in the blockchain, gaming, or fintech industry
- Experience mentoring other developers


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[​](**Senior Backend Engineer**

Senior Full Stack Developer

Company: Bottomless

We are looking for a jack-of-all-trades senior javascript/full stack developer.

The ideal candidate for this position would be able to dive into any kind of project, from frontend UI/UX tasks in React.js to backend tasks running on Node.js.

If you’re interested in variety and working hard to build something big, this might be a good fit.

We need to achieve 80% of the results with 20% of the effort.


- Design and build infrastructure and products for a sensor-enabled e-commerce marketplace.
- Build robust infrastructure to support existing product lines and the ability to roll out new ones.
- Responsibility over the user-facing product
- Quick iteration on different fronts from fronted UX changes to database design to quick and dirty implementations.
- Responsible for full deployment and testing of applications.

Expert proficiency required:

- Node.js
- NoSQL databases
- React.js
- English (written and verbal)

Intermediate proficiency, at a minimum:

UI/UX design
Software architecture

Not required, but a plus:

Python (background tasks)
Embedded systems (C++)


Remote OK. Must be flexible with hours as we have a remote international team.
Competitive equity and cash compensation


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[​](**Senior Full Stack Developer**

Full Stack Developer (Web3)

Company: Pass On

Purpose of the role

Pass On, Affiliate Marketing for Web3, is in search of a highly skilled Full Stack Developer to join our committed team. Your main task will be to design and construct our innovative platform across the whole stack. You will work closely with our Lead Developer and CTO, working on a largely greenfield project solving complex problems in a simple way.

Key Responsibilities

- Developing the Pass On web application using React (Next.js), TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS
- Designing user interactions on web pages
- Developing back end website applications
- Ensuring responsiveness of applications
- Working alongside graphic designers for web design features
- Seeing through a project from conception to finished product
- Meeting both technical and consumer needs
- Staying abreast of developments in web applications and programming languages

Essential Skills and Experience

- Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model
- Thorough understanding of React.js and its core principles
- Experience with popular React.js workflows (such as Flux or Redux)
- Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript
- Experience with data structure libraries
- Familiarity with RESTful APIs
- Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token
- Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
- Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements
- Familiarity with code versioning tools such as Git
- Desirable Skills and Experience
- Knowledge of Next.js and TypeScript
- Familiarity with Tailwind CSS
- Experience in Web3 and knowledge of Solidity and smart contracts


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[​](**Full Stack Developer (Web3)**