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Because everybody needs a break...

Welcome to our little corner of telegram! A place to relax and escape the madness of the world. Chat is open. Read the guidelines. Have fun and be kind!

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🔥 Sunday Sermon with Dr. Lee Allison 🔥

The book of Daniel has a lot to teach us about not just surviving, but thriving in Babylon. Today we look at one of the most famous stories from Daniel.

The Fire of Commitment


The Fire of Commitment

April 21, 2013

“Drink water from the spring where horses drink. The horse will never drink bad water. Lay your bed where the …

“Drink water from the spring where horses drink. The horse will never drink bad water. Lay your bed where the cat sleeps. Eat the fruit that has been touched by a worm. Boldly pick the mushroom on which the insects sit. Plant the tree where the mole digs. Build your house where the snake sits to warm itself. Dig your fountain where the birds hide from the heat. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time with the birds – you will reap all of the days' golden grains. Eat more green – you will have strong legs and a resistant heart, like the beings of the forest. Swim often and you will feel on earth like the fish in the water. Look at the sky as often as possible and your thoughts will become light and clear. Be quiet a lot, speak little – and silence will come in your heart, and your spirit will be calm and full of peace.”

-Saint Seraphim of Sarov

I see you beautiful one.
You are covered in the favor of the Lord
but you don’t fully grasp it.

You are struggling,
you are in a place where you are trying
to break free from the condemnation of the enemy.
You know the truth but you are still held
as a prisioner.

I see you wearing a crown of shame.
It covers you head, falling slightly in front of your eyes.
You want to hang your head.
You know the blood washes away sin
but you still don’t feel like yours has been forgiven.
He wants to crown you with a new crown today, beloved.
A crown of beauty.
A crown of freedom.
A crown of cascading flowers with
a beautiful fragrance.
A crown of life and glory.
Let that old crown fall today, my friend.
You no longer need to wear it.
That no longer belongs to you.
Your sins have been washed away
whiter than snow.
Let Him place this new identity
upon you today.
Allow Him to engrave it deep within your heart.

You are a daughter of the Most High
and He has crowned you in His love.

I see that heavy yoke you are wearing.
You have it placed around your neck.
It is weighing you down on all sides.
I see you buckling under the weight of it all.
My friend, it is time for that heavy yoke to break.
It is time to let it fall away.

Those burdens are not yours to carry anyway.
Not anymore, you have a Savior whose yoke is easy.
He wants to remove all that you are carrying today.
Don't you hear Him?
He is calling to you.
He is saying come to me.
He wants to place a necklace of jewels upon your neck.
He wants to adorn you with His beauty.
He wants you to carry His name and His grace.
Your neck is elegant and beautiful a tower meant
to display His grace.

I see you still in your grave clothes.
The stains of the dead dry earth still upon them.
I see you trying to hold on to the pieces that are
crumbling away. The old no longer has a hold on you, and I am waiting for you to realize that.
Let your grave clothes come undone, beloved.
Be unbound from the chains of death and sin.
It is time to become fully alive. It is time to step
farther away from the grave.

Don’t you see it, precious one?
He is dressing you as His bride.
Pure, white robes that are continually washed in His blood.
You no longer are who you thought you were.
You are not who the enemy says you are.
You are clothed in dignity and strength of the King.
You are who God says you are.
And He says you are His beloved.
You are a daughter of the King
and He is dressing you in His glory.
Oh, hallelujah!

-A Heart Full of Hope

Such an uplifting and heartwarming Bible Study today! I love the participation and fellowship. I pray that everyone enjoys the recording and I hope the Holy Spirit blesses this word as it's released. God bless you all. ❤️🙏❤️🙏

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🔥 Deep Dive with Dr. Lee Allison 🔥

In this 10-part study, we will look at what it means to Build a Heart for God.

King David is often described as, "having a heart for God". No matter what he went through, or how far he fell, his struggles always drove him back to the feet of the Lord.

What does that mean for us in our lives? How do we build a heart for God?

Some of the lessons in this series will cover the following:

- What Did God See in David's Heart

- A Heart for God and Enemy Love

- Restoring the Missing Center

- Benaiah

- "God Talk" and "Self Talk": King David's Lesson for Overcoming Depression

- "Shall I go up?" The Humble Warrior

- The Pathway to a Clean Heart

- Why is Jesus Called the "Son of David"? (This lesson looks at Old Testament prophecy and how it connects to New Testament fulfillment, the Bloodline and Lineage of Jesus, Typology, Messianic Prophecy, how Jesus is connected to King David and how the religious leaders of the time became so obsessed with their doctrine and ideology that they missed the fulfillment of prophecy.)

Unfortunately, I am missing the first video (lesson 1) in the series- but lesson 2 does re-cap it. If you have any questions you need answered or need anything explained I am happy to bring Dr. Lee on to do that.

Building a Heart For God

“That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!” 2 Corinthians 4:16-17

The apostle Paul had to endure a lot in his service to God. He went through diverse troubles and hardships, calamities of every kind. He was beaten, imprisoned, suffered hunger, and was shipwrecked (2 Corinthians 11:25). I mean, the list was endless. For him to have gone through all this, and more, and still gather the confidence to declare that his present troubles were small? Well, that is truly incredible. In our present day, we may not necessarily face such dramatic incidents as Paul did, but in our own individual spaces we do encounter situations that trouble us. As followers of Christ, we all go through different seasons. Life has a way of throwing us into the deep waters when we least expect it.

What is your situation today? Are you going through a difficult trial? Does it appear that there is no end in sight to what you are going through? There is an end, trust me — if you believe that Jesus conquered death and sin for your sake. Today, begin to change your outlook on life and you’ll discover that your present situation cannot compare to the victory and glory that lies ahead when we go to heaven. We might even see it partly happen in this life.

-Jeff Valley


The Break Room

Because everybody needs a break... Welcome to our little corner of telegram! A place to relax and escape the madness of the world. Chat is open. Read the guidelines. Have fun and be kind!

The Break Room