Dōgen's Gems 💎

Dōgen's Gems 💎


I’m just a degen ape sharing my journey. Always on the lookout for sexy brands and 1000xgems.

Nothing I share here is financial advice. Always do your own research including checking contract safety etc

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$SPURDO bottom is in accumulators accumulating for life changing gains

$SPURDO bottom is in accumulators accumulating for life changing gains



gm gm

more whales $SPURDO programmed imo

$SPURDO consolidating for days between 2-3M

$SPURDO consolidating for days between 2-3M
Big benis energy replaces small benis energy

Here's some alpha... community swings big benis vibes

See you at 100M (save the tweet)




gm gm

Whether you’re grinding to flip $50, $5M or whatever, I respect you.

Many of us have lived through seasons whereby providing food for the day or making rent was a gift.

Those who categorically KNOW they will make it and willing to PERSIST through the unforgiving fire of learning and growth, will undoubtedly make it. I’m talking to YOU ser!🫡


aping some gems today 👀

Crypto can change your life but you have to be committed with both feet in. Even if your life circumstance only allows you to dedicate a few hours a day to this, be two feet in, 200%. One foot in, one out is not how you survive much less thrive. Wagmi