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Hello, we are sorry to say that we will not accept tutorials for posting anymore.
Reason : 90% of the previously posted tutorials can help (developers to improve his app protection also copy paster to crack and share it by his name).
Accepted tutorials from now will be accepted only by me @thestranger01.
So please don't waste your time to record tutorial, first tell me how you will record it, and what you will show and describe in it, then i will tell you if it will be accepted or not.
Also if it's really interesting idea and missing some explanation (mean not accepted in our channel) I'll give advice to be accepted and beneficial.

How to mod Kill App Close all Running app


What you'll learn :

Unlocking pro
Flickering screen problem

Tools Used : MT Manager 

Tutorial by  @Hook0o

How to mod Trueshot


What you'll learn :
Digging smali
Unlocking premium

Tools Used : MT Manager 

Tutorial by  @Hook0o

Patch to apply fake random information to apps
An example of the changes that this patch applies
build.model: Nexus 5
build.hardware: hammerhead
build.product: hammerhead
version.codename: REL
build.cpu_abi: armeabi-v7a
build.cpu_abi2: armeabi
version.incremental: eng.nickv.20170513.192248
build.display: N2G47O
build.user: nickv
build.host: virtualpenguin
build.type: user
build.tags: test-keys
build.serial: 065dc5710aca8f51
version.release: 7.1.2
build.id: N2G47O
build.bootloader: HHZ20f
build.device: hammerhead
build.board: hammerhead
build.brand: google
build.fingerprint: google/hammerhead/hammerhead:6.0.1/M4B30Z/3437181:user/release-keys
build.manufacturer: LGE
Using this patch, you can provide random fake information.
I have updated a small part of this regex [ ]
Good luck.
Created by Reza

TUTORIAL: How to Repack unknown protection
BY: @New_learner

Features: Repack protection


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Tutorial: Overdrop
By @IncognitoMafia

Package: com.overdrop.free

Same old topic: How to approach 🙂
~ Remember I've told many times in my videos to always search for the strings,words which you see inside the app during its vip functions as a beginner if you fail through them then move forward to other alternative methods :)

Happy Modding 😉****


**Hi Guys ,Today I will teach you how to install frida-server on mumu emulator

important note: You must have python or Python3 , when you install python3 Type in Cmd**

pip install frida\-tools


pip3 install frida\-tools

**also you need platform-tools for adb

( you can search in YouTube)**

then watch video

Frida-server link for memu ( https://github.com/frida/frida/releases/download/16.0.11/frida-server-16.0.11-android-x86_64.xz**)

Frida link for nox-player (https://github.com/frida/frida/releases/download/16.0.11/frida-server-16.0.11-android-x86.xz)**)

also you can use method for phone

big thanks to @apkunpacker for help made by @OwnerApk