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Task 2 opinion essay

Task 2 opinion essay

It is true that scientists are searching for habitatable planets for humans to move to, as some believe that people will have to live on other planets in the future. Some people think that people should allocate more budget to researching planets with the same conditions as Earth, such as March. I completely agree with this opinion, for it helps to be ready for future problems, such as shortages of resources and global warming issues.Β 

The main reason why I agree with the idea that other habitatable planets should be looked for is that this helps humanity tackle future problems related to a lack of natural sources, such as usable land for agriculture. In other words, if governments spend a large proportion of their money, it increases the possibility of finding a planet that can be a possible home with enough arable land for human use. According to research conducted by Cambridge University, 100,000 acres of fertile land are wasted every year by humanity. In this case, it will be necessary for mankind to find extra arable land, which could be found on other habitable planets, to use in the coming future.

In addition to land-related problems, humanity is facing severe global problems that can possibly make the Earth uninhabitable in the future, such as global warming. If the recent measures to tackle this problem do not have any effect, global warming will force humans to leave the Earth in the future. In order to be fully prepared for these outcomes, humans must spend more money finding possible Earth-like planets to live on. As a result of the large allocation of money to this, more large-scale research can be conducted, and this will attract more well-known scientists to this experiment, which, in turn, makes finding another planet in space faster.

In conclusion, as the earth is facing different problems related to resources and climate change, some people argue that people should spare more money for research aimed at locating other habitatable planets. I fully support this viewpoint because of the issues humanity is coming across nowadays.

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Task 2 opinion essay

Task 2 opinion essay

The given line graph shows the number of jobs in three different areas of industry over a period of 50 years, starting in 1975.

Overall, it can be seen that the number of jobs in the agriculture sector decreased dramatically, while the service sector saw a steep rise. It is important to note that the manufacturing sector's proportions did not change over the given period.

Turning to details, agriculture had the highest number of jobs at the beginning of the period, at 80 million, which remained steady until 1977. After this, the figure started to fall steadily over the next 5 years, reaching just 20 million in 1982. This figure is predicted to continue to drop by ten million by 2025.

By contrast, the manufacturing and services sectors had an upward trend, starting at around 10 million each in 1975. The figures for these two sectors had the same rising trend, increasing to 40 million jobs in 1980. After this, while the service sector continued to increase until 2025, rising by 50 million in the final year, the number of jobs in the manufacturing sector dropped to its starting figures by 2025.

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The given graphs give information about the resources of electricity production and the proportions of electricity used for five different purposes in Ireland. Β  Overall, it is clear that heating and lighting are the biggest energy consumers, while phone…

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The table gives information about why Japanese people learned English. The given information is based on a survey conducted in 2000.

Overall, it is obvious that travelling abroad and business tours were the most common reasons why people learned English in Japan. It is also important to note that training provided by employers was cited as the least popular reason for learning English.

Looking closely at the table, one person out of two cited studying abroad as a reason for learning English, making it the most popular cause. According to the survey, the respective figures for business tours and studying abroad made up 39% and 19% in 2000, respectively. The next most common reason for studying English was for a promotion in an existing job (17%).

Turning to the least common reasons, 13 percent and 11 percent of people who attended the survey cited making new friends and having a foreign spouse as reasons for studying English, respectively, whereas 9% of people showed working abroad as their reason. Lastly, a mere 3 percent of citizens in Japan learned English through training provided by their employer in 2000.

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