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A Russian commander who came to fight in Ukraine complains that his subordinates from Chuvashia are drinking at the frontline.

He hints that they don't have long to live now. https://t.co/QFVjT5OGMP
— Dmitri (@wartranslated)
Jul 29, 2023

Russian AA/artillery unit received 6 Tunguska air defence vehicles from MoD, likely from long conservation followed by major repairs - as a result, all six vehicles are disfunctional.

In the full version of the video, the reporter states that upon reception, three vehicles were running but after a 30-km march all broke down with major suspension problems, another two suffer from armament control system malfunctions, and a sixth is too dangerous to even start.

None of the six transport-reloading vehicles (TZM) were functional either.

A mobilised Russian soldier thinks he ended up in "a slavery like in Tsarist Russia" because even convicts have more rights. He told about it in a call intercepted and published by GUR.

The call appears recent as the man mentions the Russian MoD having started recruiting convicts.

If he survives until the next "Putin's elections", he will vote against him, says the man.

The Kremlin Loony who already killed 300,000 of his mobiks for his own deranged goal of staying in power forever is smiling telling a "journalist" that Ukrainians have no success in the counter-offensive.

The "journalist" asked him about the goals of the war, but the maniac promised to tell him this information "in private". Why would a "journalist" need "private" information like this is unclear. Most likely, because the sicko's only current goal is to keep his head on his shoulder for as long as possible.

Хохлы! Танцуйте гопака от радости! Весь цивилизованный мир - за вас! Вот и какие-то колумбийские индейцы приехали воевать за незалежную, свободную, сексуально-раскрепощенную "украину"! В которой будут разрешены к употреблению любые наркотики.... Правда, вам там места не будет... поскольку в глазах "мировой общественности" вы не более, чем сошедшие с ума русские, а русских (да еще и лишившихся рассудка) "мировая общественность" никогда не любила. Но дети и внуки колумбийских наркоманов вполне оценят прелести бывшей Малороссии. Ибо страна у вас остается чрезвычайно богата, а порядка в ней как не было, так и нет.

Here we have Gherkin laughing at the South American volunteers fighting for Ukraine. The irony is that no one joined to fight for Russia.

Not even Syrians.

Russian sources published what is reported to be an address from fighters of the Russian 7th VDV Brigade with threats to the military leadership in case any danger is posed against the commander of VDV forces Teplinskiy. The fighters are promising to leave their positions if needed. Teplinsky is known for having some connections to Suroviking and Prigozhin's entourage. The Russian General Staff already dismissed commanders of the 7th and 106th VDV divisions Kornev and Selivestorov.

It is not clear if the recording is authentic, yet Teplinsky presents a valuable goal for the New Purge carried out by the Kremlin Ripper after the failed Prigozhin's mutiny.

Girkin says Ukraine has a chance to break through the occupiers' defence in Zaporizhzhia due to a lack of equipped and trained reserves for Russia. He revealed this in an hour-long livestream. The excerpt from a 10-minute intro is below, while the 2-minute video is a short snippet from it.

Girkin: "The summer battle continues where the enemy is now not trying to break through but push through our frontline and “starve it out”.

The enemy continues applying main efforts in the Zaporizhzhia frontline, and the second area where he is transferring reserves, including those previously unused, is Bakhmut. The enemy is trying to achieve a result wherever possible, without abandoning the plans to break the Zaporizhzhia front.

After failures of attacks using concentrated columns, since columns like that ended up vulnerable to our artillery and aviation, the enemy moved to the tactic of a complete mixing with the ground of our units facing him. The enemy has a lot of shells, he’s not counting high-precision missiles.

Due to this, the enemy is trying to destroy, and completely knock out the units facing him in battle. The enemy is trying to avoid mass attacks as he made sure that breakthrough doesn’t depend on the number of vehicles, whether 4 or 40, thrown into battle, only the number of burned vehicles does.

Thus, offensive actions are led by fairly small assault groups with the support of several armoured vehicles, and all weapon systems used to destroy them are located by all types of enemy reconnaissances and then struck with artillery and high-precision missiles.


The enemy has the ability to withdraw weathered formations for rest and bring up fresh ones to continue the battle. But we have the same units fighting on the front - yes, they fight in defence, but the commanders who are continuously taking part in combat don’t feel much better from this.

It is a similar situation that led to the dismissal of the commander of the 58th Army, General Popov, who put forward an issue that existing personnel and equipment are not enough to carry out the rotation and give the troops at least some semblance of rest. And there are no reserves to bring them to a fully capable state.


I will not be revealing a military secret - the enemy knows the situation very well, unfortunately. But even in the secondary directions, the staffing of our forces again does not exceed 70%. In areas of the most fierce battles, it is significantly less.

Of course, it does not compare to the situation at the end of last summer/early autumn, when 20% staffing of units was considered normal, but our forces are taking losses continuously, while the stream of reinforcements and reservists from the rear has died down.

This means that if urgent measures are not taken, the enemy, unfortunately, has a chance to gnaw through our defence in Zaporizhzhia. And it will be then very difficult to stop him, and no Surovikin’s line which is still in a pretty deep rear will stop the enemy if it’s not taken by trained, properly equipped, and experienced troops.

If these troops die in the field, there will be no one to stop the enemy. This is the main question now: will the enemy be able to gnaw through our defence in 2-3 weeks, exchanging his soldiers for ours, or not, and will exhaust himself earlier.


We’re observing. Unfortuantely, we as the Angry Patriots’ Club are unable to do anything in this situation. Moreover, I understand the emotions of our Head of General Staff, the commander of the operation Gerasimov, when “some” army commander makes demands about the rotation of units.

Gerasimov does not have prepared and equipped reserves. Simply does not. All he has is already on the frontline, at the very least in tactical reserves. Transferring from other areas means weakening them. But transferring poorly trained mobilised units who are, let’s say, covering the “old regions” of Russia, is not a solution. These units have no experience, no vehicles, no good commanders, they will be simply smashed by the enemy and no one will be able to do anything about it."

Prigozhin claims that "Russian MoD carried out a missile strike at Wagner rear camps".

Evgeniy Prigozhin published an audio message claiming that a "huge number of Wagner fighters have died" in the "missile strike" and that the "next step belongs to Wagner".

Shortly before Prigozhin's claim, a video emerged on a Russian channel "Razgruzka Vagnera" where two Russian-speaking men can be seen roaming an area of the alleged "missile strike", panicked. This is the video Prigozhin references in his audio message.

If this story is completely made up, it's being executed very poorly. The video is not very convincing that it's real and not staged.