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**DISCUSS: Are they prepping for Plandemic 2.0?**

DISCUSS: Are they prepping for Plandemic 2.0?

The buzz around the alt-news sphere the last few days has been that the establishment is planning to bring back pandemic restrictions. And, in fairness, this is some evidence this could be true.

It started with Alex Jones reporting that a whistleblower from the TSA had informed him the US government was going to start bringing back Covid restrictions in starting in October and going into full lockdown again by December.

There’s also the fact we’re suddenly being told about “case spikes” and not one, not two, but THREE new variants – Eris, Pi and Pirola – have…...

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Come fly with me

Come fly with me
- Pilots dying in the air and on the ground.
- 3 dead on the same day
- 5 pilots incapacitated in 1 week in August 2023



BMJ: WHO’s malaria vaccine study represents a “serious breach of international ethical standards”
Experts are troubled by the apparent lack of informed consent in a large, cluster randomised study of the malaria vaccine.
Peter Doshi reports

A large scale malaria vaccine study led by the World Health Organization has been criticised by a leading bioethicist for committing a “serious breach” of international ethical standards. The cluster randomised study in Africa is already under way in Malawi, Ghana, and Kenya, where 720 000 children will receive the RTS,S vaccine, known as Mosquirix, over the next two years.1-3


Sign of Divine 🙏 intervention 👇

A list of loans issued by or contracted for by N M Rothschild and N M Rothschild & Sons alone or in partnership is given here, based on Jules Ayer's, A Century of Finance, published privately in 1904, and on internal sources.

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**Researchers Find Micro-Clotting and What Health Authorities Are Calling “Long COVID” Are Both Caused By COVID-19 Shots**According to a [new …

Researchers Find Micro-Clotting and What Health Authorities Are Calling “Long COVID” Are Both Caused By COVID-19 ShotsAccording to a new preprint by cardiovascular researcher Harriet Carroll and general practitioner Dr. Robin Kerr of Lund University, blood clotting in the form of “micro-clotting” is substantially to blame for the development of “long covid.”

Given that the symptoms that distinguish long covid are closely related to (Covid-19) “vaccine” injuries, Kerr and Carroll proposed that possibly the term “long covid” refers to people who received a covid shot and are now experiencing micro-clotting.

According to Etheresia Pretorius, a renowned research professor at Stellenbosch University who focuses on the study of micro-clotting, while it may not be the sole pathology among patients with long-term covid, it is unquestionably one of the most prominent.

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