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📣We are thrilled to announce the new project called Unite Girls - project aimed at improving education among girls in Uzbekistan. During one cohort, girls will study STEM subjects, and there is also the opportunity to join our English lessons. This is a free project created with the goal of opening opportunities for absolutely ambitious girls. Lessons will be conducted in three languages: Uzbek, Russian, and English.

(Post Uzbek Version)
(Post Russian Version)

⁉️We are looking for ambitious, responsible, and responsive teachers and volunteers who can help us implement our project. All that is required of you is the desire to help others by sharing your knowledge and passion.

We are looking for*⛹‍♂️*:
- Teacher Volunteers from biology, chemistry, programming, and math

🚀Our programs' education system will be totally different, which is aimed at raising the general awareness of students about these subjects and their future careers.

We strongly encourage you to apply to these positions and open the door of new opportunities and experiences for yourself! We will be excited to see you on our team, and we can't wait to start working with you💡.

⚠️If you have the potential and the passion that aligns with our project's aim, then definitely don't miss the chance of joining the community of like-minded girls.

Unite Girls Application (English Version)Unite Girls Application (Русская Версия)
Unite Girls Application (O'zbek Tilida)

⌛️Deadline is 25th September, don't miss your chance!

For any questions: @ms_bakhora

If she wants to be under your protection or wants to be independent, respect their choices. Also, some feminists have to understand that it is not shameful to be emotional or choose another way, as it is not about being equal in every single aspect of life…

If she wants to be under your protection or wants to be independent, respect their choices. Also, some feminists have to understand that it is not shameful to be emotional or choose another way, as it is not about being equal in every single aspect of life or fighting for rights but rather having independence to make decisions without fear.

Overall, guys, don't be ashamed to say you are a feminist. It is nothing to be ashamed of; you are caring, protecting, helping, and supporting not only women's rights but also human rights. Change your perspective and try to make changes by creating a safe society where everyone's opinions, desires, and choices are important.

I am open for discussions and would be happy if you could share this post.

I would also recommend you watch this video of Veronica Lee.

Thanks for reading to the end. Much love, @nilufar_amon

I have been thinking about this topic for a while, and I think it is time.

This post is about feminism, its definition, why we need it in our society, my thoughts, and some other related resources.

I know guys might want to just scroll, but I would ask you to read till the end. Thanks.

We heard a lot about this topic and probably thought, Why do we need it? or "Where aren't you seeing equality? Let's first understand what feminism is.

Feminism is the belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. But there are different types of feminism, like the one that supports matrixists or the second one, which is liberal feminism. Meanwhile, the first one supports women's dominance over men, and the second one supports equality.

"Marxist and radical feminists also argue that liberal feminists fail to challenge the underlying causes of women’s oppression and that changing the law is not enough to bring about equality; there needs to be a fundamental change in social structures."

I can say that the first type of feminism is toxic and causes needless fights and meaningless arguments.

I believe it is not only about equality but also the right to choose. It is not about everyone wanting to be in the STEM field, study abroad, or study at college; it is about what women want. Real feminism has to support women's choices. If she wants to be a teacher, not an economist, fine. If she wants to get married, that is fine. Let me give you examples.

In our society, we don't have the right to choose, at least not in every family. You can't choose who you want to be,when you get married, where you study, what field you want to study, or whether you want to study or not. We force girls to choose the way parents, family members, and society created them. We aren't even interested in their desires and interests.

When something happens, we tend to blame it instead of looking for the cause. If she fails an exam, it is because she didn't study well and had fun. If she cannot get into college, it is because she didn't try well and doesn't have a second chance. The only option is to get married. We have to question our lives every day to use one chance properly.

We also blame girls who have no academic goals or don't know which way is theirs yet. If her close friends and society are not believing in her and laughing at her dreams, how could she find hope to continue? What should she do?

You might ask, Why do I care? as my parents allowed me to do everything. But don't you think me and my parents had a hard time choosing this way? I can remember my mother's words when our relatives made fun of this decision: "It is your way, and we gave you a chance. Study well because we believe in you." Of course, I am proud of my parents for always supporting and encouraging me, even though we had financial difficulties, as I am not the only child in my family. They have hundreds of problems, but they gave me a chance. But the question is, do we all have chances? What would happen if my parents listened to others? Is it about us or society?

You cannot go to public places, as there might be some uneducated men there. But again, should we pay attention to hiding our daughters instead of educating our sons? Also, I know there are some people who like to comment and judge others' lives instead of caring for their families. We are not asking for advice or their opinions when we have parents. They also have families; how could they talk about women, as they aren't human beings but things that they can make whatever they want? Women also have souls, minds, goals to accomplish, lives to live, the right to talk, and the right to choose. Let them choose. Give them a chance. Protect them, but don't forget to care about their opinions.

We used to have Q&A at nights. Sometimes I want to do it but time zones are different.

It is 10:17 p.m here, it is raining outside. I am watching Youtube in order to learn coding. Only class which is making me stressed is CS😭

I still have desire to run my blog here. However, I need some time.
Appreciate your support 🙏🏻 Thanks for being here❤️

I got relatively lucky in my application process and wound up getting 4 full ride offers, (USC Mork Family Scholarship, CU Boulder Boettcher Scholarship, UMD Banneker-Key Scholarship and Duke Robertson Scholarship) but it is entirely possible to get either a full tuition or a full ride scholarship if you know where to look/how to apply.

You also need to be a relatively high powered student, at least more high powered than most of the applicants to said university. Here’s how the full ride scholars stood apart from other students:

They had a good academic record. Didn’t have to be geniuses with straight As but we’re talking 32–36 ACT or 1450–1600 SAT, and above a 3.8 unweighted GPA.
They did 2–3 activities beyond school that they were passionate about, that they invested time into, and that they framed as a part of a cohesive narrative, connecting to who they are as a person, their personal development, and their passion for making change in the world. This is more than like… I was part of the National Honor Society and volunteered I’m such an amazing human. It was like “I had this really impactful experience that changed the trajectory of my life and here’s what I learned from it and now because I’m so passionate about this specific issue I’ve taken initiative, demonstrated leadership, and demonstrated strength of character to make an impact in these ways.”
They have strong future plans. Full scholarships are an investment by an institution, and they expect that it will pay off somewhere down the line. That means even if you have no idea what you’re doing, you gotta sell it as though you have the capability and determination to figure it out and go on to continue impacting the world.
They interview well. I’ve never heard of a full ride scholarship being offered without some form of interview, and everyone who gets offered the scholarship has to show the panel that what they have written in their application is actually reflective of who they are as a person. You don’t have to be the most extroverted or confident interviewee, but being genuine, sticking to what you said in your application and being on your best behavior are absolute musts.
They talked about what that specific scholarship at that specific school would mean to them, either in an application if there’s a separate scholarship application or in the interview. Just bragging about yourself is never good enough. You’ve gotta show interest and excitement about the scholarship you’re applying for and what it represents.
Some schools have separate applications for scholarships and some schools choose scholarship finalists from the general application pool as long as you submit by a certain date. Private universities are often more likely to offer these scholarships, and the harder the university is to get into, the less likely it is to get a merit scholarship there as you probably could imagine.

Every school will have a financial aid section of their website and under that there will generally be a list of merit scholarships offered if any and the steps for applying to them.

Finally, there are a lot of super smart kids who never applied for merit scholarships because they never looked for them or because it’s a lot of extra work. If you’re looking for merit based money you’ve gotta expect to invest twice as much time and effort in every application and cast a wide net. I applied for 14 schools and probably filled out an additional 6 applications for scholarship programs. I also went through maybe 5 revision cycles per essay I wrote, and while I re-used some of them, I had to restructure them to fit the prompt/school I was applying to.

Much luck!!


Really want to go to NYC🗽🙏🏻

Better now

Better now

I want to organize short zoom meetings (20 mins) for students who are applying this year.
If you want to have a meeting with me (about common app, ecs, essay, and etc) send me an email

I will reply back only 8 people who emailed me first. G'luck

***📣***We are beyond excited to announce that we have been granted a TEDx event license for TEDx Presidential School Navoi …

📣We are beyond excited to announce that we have been granted a TEDx event license for TEDx Presidential School Navoi Youth!

⚡️This is a dream that comes true for us, and we can't wait to share this incredible opportunity with our community.

At our event, TEDx Presidential School Navoi Youth, we will be exploring new topics in all facets. We believe that the future belongs to our youth, and we want to provide a platform for them to share their ideas, perspectives, and innovations with the world.

‼️So, if you are a young person with a passion for sharing your ideas and perspectives, we want you to be a part of TEDx Presidential School Navoi Youth! Application portal for speakers and other important team members will be opening soon, so stay tuned for more information!