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Formerly; Close


Serenity . . . Ancient traditions that are still being carried. Welcome to the beautiful @FormerlyArchive.
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(𖤍). We have good news for you. We hope you enjoy the news we share. I sincerely hope that everyone can be happy together. We will let you know when @inspectorent has his first OPEN ORDAL. Exactly August 22, 2023. Are you ready to fill you with love with our talents?

If you want to feel the love for our talent, read the Regulation first. Look at the Talents who are ready to showcase themselves and give their best @Suspectcasee, fill out the Format provided here:

Hey, Admin! Can I kick it with this talent (...) for the package (Regular/VIP/VVIP/OTP/NSFW)? Is it gonna be on the platform (platform) by (...Wib day/month/year)?

And send it to the bot @Inspectorsbot. If you have anything questions, Available talent and to make a transaction, please contact us @Inspectorsbot

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Retro eternal claimed an melancholy clasping enlivening in the whole cosmos. Things that you’ve got if you here, you will showed triumph. That will make this more memorable and merriest in cheers. Now @Formerlyy IS DISCOUNT TIME. To make this wrap on poetic.…

17 Agustus 1945. Tahun yang begitu berarti untuk Negara kita, Indonesia. 78 tahun sudah Negara ini berkembang dengan status Merdeka, Merdeka yang diperjuangkan dengan penuh pengorbanan sampai titik darah penghabisan oleh para Pahlawan bangsa. Berharap menjadi Negara yang terus berkembang seperti Tema yang diusung untuk HUT RI ke 78: ‘Terus Melaju Untuk Indonesia Maju.’

To celebrate the year of our country's independence, @Rumoirss is holding a fun event for everyone who wants to join the celebration! We will hold a special FREE RENTAL on August 18, 2023, at 19.30 PM. For anyone who wants to take part in this event, please read the rules that we have written first.


Make sure you fulfill the rules and fill out the form with details, okay?! Don't miss the time and day! Good luck getting the Roscoe and Ophelia you want. Happy Independence Day!

Waktu nya Formerly buat close. Good night Eyis, have a sweet dreams!