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BASE WORDING? Emang ada? Ada dong! @Worrdfess jawabannya! Sebagai seller atau buyer wording kamu gak perlu khawatir dan bingung lagi nih kalo mau nanya pendapat soal wording, ataupun menorehkan keluh kesahmu dalam hal yang berbau wording. Pokoknya mah @worrdfess selalu ada buat kamu! Yuk cepet join dan seru-seruan di base wording yang super duper keren ini 📓📓

Hohoho, thankyou @SpiderMatch, for mentioning Bectosez/Forthora in your comeback this time. 😌❤️

We pen this missive brimming with profound gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support and unwavering dedication on our path. Your constant presence and invaluable assistance have been a source of immeasurable strength, and we hold deep appreciation for each and every one of you.

Since the inception of our endeavor, you have been by our side, exuberantly cheering us on, generously sharing our content, and actively engaging with us in insightful discourse. Your dynamic participation and constructive feedback have played an indispensable role in shaping our growth and attaining our triumphs. Your kind words and uplifting encouragement have buoyed our spirits during arduous moments, reminding us of the very essence that ignited our pursuit.

We acknowledge the countless hours you have devoted to promoting our platform, fervently advocating for us among friends and acquaintances, and disseminating our message far and wide. Your steadfast allegiance and unwavering faith in our mission have been the propelling forces behind our accomplishments, and we owe a tremendous portion of our achievements to your resolute support.

@Forthora and @plumpyplump invaluable contributions have fostered an inclusive and supportive community, a vibrant tapestry that we are immensely proud to be a part of.

Once again, we extend our profound appreciation. We are genuinely blessed to have such extraordinary moots and spidoy like you standing steadfastly at our side.

eminence hereabouts: the eternal love of spidey, spidermatch.

Kali ini ada CampaignEd, guys! Lomba poster yang hadiahnya gak main-main... Yuk segera daftarkan diri kalian!!!

**ART-HIBITION 2.0:** [**#CampaignEd**](?q=%23CampaignEd) **is Opening Registration.**

ART-HIBITION 2.0: #CampaignEd is Opening Registration.

#CampaignEd adalah kompetisi desain poster kampanye yang mempersonifikasi audiens akan topik yang tersedia. Desain kampanye yang ditujukan harus mengusung tema "Show Us Your Way" yang mengajak audiens menunjukan cara mereka dalam mengekspresikan dirinya tanpa terpengaruh oleh opini orang lain. Semua orang dapat berpartisipasi dalam rangkaian kompetisi ini. Hasil karya peserta akan diunggah pada tanggal 26 Mei 2023 di kanal @EditFess. Dan tentunya 3 poster dengan eksekusi terbaik akan diberikan sejumlah apresiasi.

BA icons yuk daftar ArtEd, kapan lagi bisa ikutan lomba sekalian promosiin BA kalian tanpa bayar PP



Kembali lagi di sesi #ArtEd. Sesi ini mengajak seluruh BA icons yang memiliki keinginan untuk mengikuti eksibisi karyanya secara eksklusif melalui channel @Editfess. Masing-masing BA akan membuat satu pasang icons dengan tema yang ditentukan oleh pihak kami berdasarkan tapes yang kalian pilih nanti. Berikutnya akan diseleksi sebanyak 15 BA dengan karya terbaik. Partisipan yang berhasil lolos tahap seleksi, berkesempatan mengikuti sesi ArtEd pada event Art-Hibition yang akan diselenggarakan pada tanggal 27 Mei di @Editfess. Icons yang terpilih akan dipamerkan dan dijual dengan slot terbatas (5 Slot) melalui channel kami.



Inkling the boredom, when no types of new design, i.e., outstanding and established, yet are hardly ever known by the residents of @EditFess.

Subsequent to the bombing of sensible saving up on what type of tapes we have a tendency to buy for transforming the introduction of new works, we eventually encounter. But these remain strictly confidential, look forward to the kind of works that are magnificent and decent yet barely known by the citizens. All of this was done in conjunction with the second anniversary of editfess on 24th until 27th May 2023, through themes "The Unspoken Art" and "Show Us Your Way" without doubting any hope to introduce the further in terms of the type of work.

Encounter the benefits through an interest by joining our event! Develop your own self and the business channel you had!

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