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*Well, if there is something I don't enjoy its getting shit on. It appears that Canada has become a immigration toilet, or side walk? beach? I don't know I guess Indians can shit where they want.

So it's only fair that I shit on them in return.

Ill be going over a quick History of the Khalistan movement. The recent shit storm our retard PM has unleashed, whilst trying to pander to his terrorist voter base. As well as discussing the influx of Indians in general.*Check out the stream on these links.Rumble and Entropy

Greg Wycliffe

Imagine taking anonymous 4chan posts and publishing it on your blog as FACT.

Because your site looks kinda professional and it's funded by the government it gets treated as "expert opinion" by police politicians and the news.

That's the Canadian Anti-Hate Network #HateGate #BanCAHN

Artur Pawlowski has been sentenced to 61 days in jail.

With time served, he walks free today.

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*๐Ÿ*RageCast 365: SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!

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The people on television telling you they are keeping you safe and looking out for your best are the ones putting your most in danger and profiting off of your misery the most.

Hows your grocery bill, Canada?

Don't worry, your local politicians voted to give themselves a raise at the same time they voted to tax your more.

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Trust the Government, they said.

Stay home stay safe, they said.

It'll be fun, they said.


Coutts, AB Prisoners -

I have from the outset and maintain the position that these men are unjustly incarcerated without reasonable bail and are presumed to be innocent until evidence surfaces that suggests otherwise that they were intending to commit any crimes alleged. None has yet surfaced, so my thoughts have not changed. I have testified to this, under oath and cross examination by government lawyers on a nationally televised inquiry in November.

I stand by my words. It was the truth in February 2022. It was the truth in November 2022 and it is the truth in August 2023.

The men themselves are suffering great psychological torture, as are their families. This causes a strain and enduring downward negative pressure that can be difficult to manage. 18 months of this stress accumulates. Many well meaning people observe this pain and mean well, but with emotions running in this high stakes situation they can boil over.

Adding stress, concern, hysterical drama and speculation onto the families and the situation at large is not helpful in achieving the desired result which is having these men released to their families immediately and having the truth of the matter exposed.

The best way for this to happen is for everyone to take a breath and make sure the defense team has everything they need to win. They are the only ones that can.

The truth is on their side. The state will have to prove a story that simply didn't happen. Regardless of how cynical you may be, the justice system is not so corrupt that we are doing USSR show trials with fabricated hot air and sentencing people to life in a gulag. This is Canada, there are many eyes watching, and such a result would be catastrophically controversial and incredibly damaging to our already faltering international reputation. Many American, British and overseas pundits have been noticing and they have big audiences.

When the publication bans are lifted and the facts of the investigation are revealed, you will see that they corroborate the defense version of reality and not the governments.

The men in jail don't need a spectacle or a circus. They need their legal team to be as strong and well supplied as possible so they can focus on getting the job done that matters most.
I would suggest we would all be wiser to keep this in mind.


If pursuing excellence is white supremacy then call me Adolph

If pursuing excellence is white supremacy then call me Adolph