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Mega Revision for UPSC Law Optional | Only for Mains Appearing Candidates 2023

This video is meant for candidates for appear for UPSC Mains 2023 with Law as Optional. In this video, CLD, International law and Constitutional law important areas are covered with PYQs and Current Affairs.

UPSC Law Optional

❗️❗️❗️Most Important for UPSC Law Optional aspirants appearing for mains 2023:

"Constitutionalism to Trial by Media" Mega Revision lecture for 2023 Mains students' on 23.09.2023 at 7-9 PM.

What to expect:
1) 500 Points on High Yielding Topics
2) More than 150+ PY Questions + CA to be discussed.

Who should not attend it:
1) Those who already have proper Revision notes.
2) And a perfect plan to revise.

Who should attend:
1) Those do not know how to revise or not prepared enough
2) Those do not have confidence that they cannot sail through law optional.

Fees : No Fees.

How to register: Do not call. Only Whatsapp to 6382125862 that "I am appearing for mains 2023 and I want to attend Mega Revision for UPSC Law Optional".

📣Last Batch for UPSC Law Optional 2024 starts from tomorrow.

Call/WhatsApp: 6382125862
For more details.


***👀*** Free Support for UPSC Law Optional for those who cleared UPSC Prelims 2023.

👀 Free Support for UPSC Law Optional for those who cleared UPSC Prelims 2023.

Current Affairs, CLD Lectures, Solved Papers 2017-2021.

📞Whatsapp at 6382125862 for more Details.


PIL under CLD is something you have to plan .... precise cases ...;l


😳 THE TRUTH About UPSC Law Optional Prep | 🤓 Mentor to AIR 5,14,33 Explains ✔️

In this video, we will try to understand the difficulties faced by the aspirants while preparing for UPSC Law Optional. We will first go through the beginner guide to UPSC Law Optional, then common misconceptions about it. And finally how to strategize the…

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2022 UPSC Law Optional Question | IPR question from CLD

" The quotation from a work which has already been lawfully made available to the public does not constitute infringement of copyright." Comment. According to ARTICLE 10 OF THE BERNE CONVENTION, the quotation from a work that has already been lawfully made…

UPSC Law Optional

❤️**Topper's Copy of UPSC Law Optional :

AIR 5 (2019) Jeydev CS :
AIR 60(2021) Shraddha Gome :
AIR 184 (2021) Lovish Garg :
AIR 215 (2021) Rishabh Trivedi :
AIR 74 (2020) Aayush Gupta :
AIR 213 (2020) Nirja Shah :
AIR 328 (2018) Rujuta Bankar :
AIR 356(2017) Shruthee Srinivasan :**

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C.S Jeydev | AIR 5 - UPSC Law Optional Mains Mock Test Answer sheets

Dear Aspirants, Mr. C.S Jeydev has secured AIR 5 in UPSC Law Optional Mains 2019, he is subscriber of our comprehensive plan ( Notes + Test Series + Current Affairs ) Plan. We are posting his mock test answer sheets ( evaluated copies ) for the benefit of…

***❤️*****Topper's Copy of UPSC Law Optional :