Bailang Art SFW/NSFW

Bailang Art SFW/NSFW


Wips, drawings and doodles. I sometimes post NSFW.

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✨Contact: @bailang_art

-Personal channel @bailangsnews

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Closed thank you!

🔞Anyone interested on b&w sketches with cum thematic?

It would be 17€ headshot or 22€ partial. Extra 50% for a second chara

For now, opening 2 slots, @bailang_art to claim

Hey it's Ivaj here, Bailang cannot answer dm or use telegram due to connection censoship. Please be patient until he comes back from vacation!

Hey guys, my vpn finally got connection after 4-5 days xD

Sorry if I don't reply to DMs, I just don't have internet connection. I've tried 3 payment vpn and no one works 💀 If there are some news and there's no way I can tell you, my friend Ivaj will post about my current situation.

I'm struggling with internet at china xD it seem that my vpn is not working at all 💀 Sorry if I don't post anything during this month or I (very) slow reply

Tomorrow I'll be going to china to visit my family ^^ I'll be back to continue my commissions waiting list around the end of August.

🍃I MAY (not sure) do something during my freetime such as freebies, personal art and simple commission flash offer

Stickers for [@EwanD]( ***✨***

Stickers for @EwanD

Finally I can show this hehe

Finally I can show this hehe
Secret pride for @ameliathewolf

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🔘De: @SueKaiserlich
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