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Towels. That. Actually. Work.

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Wake up pray up!

Elon appears headed for S Florida

Here’s what is coming into focus from 2020:

- FBI learns of the laptop coming out from watching Rudy G

- FBI warns Twitter a ‘hacked Hunter’ story is coming

- Twitter censors NY Post based on FBI warning - confirmed by Yoel Roth to FEC

You don’t just accidentally place bondage bears in every single photo of children

People said the House GOP were out-of-touch for investigating the Biden family's deep financial ties to the CCP

Now Biden won't respond to the CCP crackdowns

Suddenly seems very in touch after all!

Biden can't speak out against the CCP crackdowns bc they own him. Imagine the blackmail they have on his family, given what we already have seen on the laptop

Wake up pray up!