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I'm thankful for the anon community today.

The way we've been able to encourage and support each other during the precipice has been beautiful to witness.

I'm thankful for the hope we have for victory because of good people in the fight and, most importantly, because God is with us.

I'm thankful for all the frens we've made and the faith shared, the vision of a better world for our children.

I'm thankful that we can confidently say we never gave up and we can hold our heads high in this hour, no matter what they throw at us.

​I'm thankful for memes and laughter, because life doesn't always need to be so serious.

I'm thankful for my weaknesses because that's where God makes me strong.

I'm thankful that our belief that the best is yet to come will never be broken because God is our source of hope.

I'm thankful for you.
My anon family.
The army of frogs.

Who have made an impact in this battle.
We're still alive and fighting.

I'm thankful that nothing can take that away from us.

God bless you frens.

Email TestimonyFrom: Tom

I recognized that I had a fragment making me respond to many situations through the lens of rejection and abandonment. The fragment had been taking control more frequently because I have lost most of my family due to untimely deaths - cancer, mucormycosis, and stroke. The last few happened in the last three years - two of them this year.

I got to the part in the book where you described your own healing and stopped right there. I asked the Holy Spirit to take me back to where the fragment began - and I was immediately taken to the moment my dad told my brother and me that my mom was leaving us. I was 6 at the time. I immediately began crying like I did then and felt an intense pain in my stomach.

I went through the steps, asking Jesus to heal the wound and reintegrate the fragment back into my soul. I felt like Jesus wanted to give me something in return for the intense grief I had suffered. I couldn't think of what to ask for, so I asked for peace as you did in the book. I immediately felt better - the crippling pain was gone!

I continued to the next chapter, and I was reading about the poor woman in the ambulance when I suddenly started laughing uncontrollably. I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. I laughed and laughed until tears started rolling down my cheeks, and I could not catch my breath! I asked for peace, but He gave me uncontrollable JOY!

When I was finally able to compose myself, the Holy Spirit showed me the Father's perspective on the situation. He brought a memory to mind of a journal my dad kept at the time, and one particular entry where he had noted that my mom wanted to fight him for custody. And it hit me. She had not abandoned me as I had believed. She fought for me. My dad fought for me. They both wanted me. Somewhere, I had believed a lie that I was not wanted.

And I started laughing again...I started thinking about all of the times in my life when I had felt rejected - no crying, no grief, no pain - just joy!

Thank you for writing the book - I feel like a new man!

If you have a Twitter account or know someone who does, please have them vote "yes" in this poll.

If you have a Twitter account or know someone who does, please have them vote "yes" in this poll.

Praise God nick Is healed. I posted yesterday nick was being taken off life support. The doctors said he was gone once they did as all his organs were failing. When taken off he started breathing and all organs today are 100%

Email TestimonyFrom: Karen

I have been praying about my left knee for awhile. It would seem better and then not better. I know God heals solidly. Recently while praying for healing, I actually felt happenings, but then realized the bigger problem was actually in my calf. There had been something in my calf for 20+ years. But it never really seemed like an issue. Now it did. When I prayed about my calf, I heard…’Give me 5 days…things like this take awhile’. Wow!! Okay!! Then one night I was wondering about it and I heard ‘It is the fifth night still’. Wow!! During those 5 days, there was pain and swelling, which I never before noticed. It seems to all be healed up with no lingering issue. Praise God!! Two huge emotional issues came up related to my calf. Now it is time to pray for my left knee again and listen to the healing video.

So far the Arizona counties of Cochise and Mojave have voted to delay certification.

(The report that Gila and Yavapai counties delayed certification appears to be false. There is a Youtube video of the Gila County certification.)

We are not giving up. I do not accept the Arizona selection.

BREAKING: Cochise County BOS just motioned to table the certification of the election until November 28th, when they expect to review all evidence of the proof of legal certification by the accredited Election Assistance Commission labs to use the tabulation machines. This now establishes precedent to do the same in other counties now that Cochise County is validating their results. Arizona cannot certify any election results until all counties have rendered certified results.

The point of the Mueller investigation was to get Trump to testify in person so they could trap him in a manufactured obstruction of justice charge. (An annex to the Mueller report laid out Andrew Weisman's twisted view of the obstruction of justice statute. They hoped to make this charge stick.)

The goal of a second special counsel will be the same. If Trump does not cooperate with the investigation, they will charge him with obstruction of justice and let the chips fall where they may.

Email testimony

From: Julianna

I began following your Q post when you were on YouTube, but more full time on telegram. I have experienced the healing power from your prayers & books on how to pray for emotional healing/body healing & very specially with my autoimmune disease. I am a different person receiving these teachings from you as I have removed demonic strongholds of which I was unaware. My husband (also a Christian) watched my progress and listened to me talk about the Q posts & my healing until he began reading your books as well. Thank you for being obedient to God’s calling on your life as we are recipients of these blessings.