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@donediving Nuyi's 🐾. Feedbacknya yg blm!!

πŸ“ Secret Message for Nuency!!
No bc.

πŸ‘€ take care

πŸ‘€ NUNUU YOU’RE SUCH A CHEERFUL GIRL!!! i’m so happy for being friend with youuuu, always be happy nunu🀍🀍

πŸ‘€ i love u cycy

πŸ‘€ sehat selalu

πŸ‘€ jangan lupa untuk tersenyum hari ini

πŸ‘€ Jaga kesehatab

πŸ‘€ be happy pretty

πŸ‘€ Always be happy.

πŸ‘€ Semangat terus yaaaaaa, jaga kesehatan dan banyak bersyukur πŸ’—πŸ’—

πŸ‘€ take care of urself pretty, always smile, supaya geulis na teu ilang kata si Yayah mah, semangattt

πŸ‘€ nama ch lu unik banget, kyak orangnya

πŸ‘€ ily

πŸ‘€ jaga kesehatan

πŸ‘€ don't forget to happy for yourself, you're extraordinary! i know u can do and get wht u want, believe in yourself & god!

πŸ‘€ i like ur personality

πŸ‘€ be yourself and take care, always excited to live your day even though it's hard.

πŸ‘€ Semoga kamu ga poseng ya nuy

πŸ‘€ Take care.

πŸ‘€ Selalu semangat menjalani hidupmu, apapun masalahmu jangan pernah berfikir untuk menyerah, kamu sangat berharga.

πŸ‘€ take care of your self ya

πŸ‘€ halo, be happy, jaga kesehatan lo dan jangan lupa tuk selalu bersyukur.

πŸ‘€ imy

πŸ‘€ semangat terus cantik, jangan lupa bersyukur ya

πŸ‘€ jangan lupa untuk selalu bersyukur

πŸ‘€ Semangat cantik, you cam do it.

πŸ‘€ kamu cantik, jangan lupa tersenyum

πŸ‘€ Don't forget to smile, never give up, and don't forget your breakfast

πŸ‘€ always have a good day kak & jangan cape jadi orang baik

πŸ‘€ Be happy ya, kalau lagi berada difase cape banget kamu bisa ke roomchat aku untuk bercerita🀍

πŸ‘€ Baik baik dah jangan sedih

πŸ‘€ Im so proud of you girl, you did such a great job, please take care urself, ure so gorgeous really.

πŸ‘€ Bahagia selalu ya

πŸ‘€ Keep ur smile, u deserve to be happy

πŸ‘€ You have lots of positive energy, keep it around and may you'll get blessed

πŸ‘€ semangatt terus ngejalanin harinya ya

πŸ‘€ always take care on yourself

πŸ‘€ you're definitely my type

πŸ‘€ Be happy, makasih udah jalanin kehidupan sejauh ini

πŸ‘€ you are pretty... it's secret sstt🀫

πŸ‘€ You've had enough. Take care of your health and may always be given happiness

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Crowds, camera flashlights, youth years became crowded because one soul walked over to the crowd, one by one the camera captured the picture, with a slightly shining light, not too surprising to the eye, a little noise called the woman's name, busy fixing the clothes worn to make it look good. something perfect. supervised by several large men who differed greatly from him. the sky has darkened a little, the air is getting colder, it turns out that time is not over yet.

Fake a smile, and even expression, and only turn right and left so the camera can capture it beautifully. the black dress, and neatly arranged hair by then had become the most flaming there, the atmosphere was getting darker but she was still the brightest. a soft voice greeted back the noise that had echoed earlier. "Hi, love!..."