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💯 Hιѕpanιc-Aмerιcan ⛏ Arcнaeologιѕт 📚 Bodyвυιlder 👊🏾 Penтecoѕтal ✝️ Polιтιcal Gυrυ 🕶 Sтreeт Racer 🏴‍☠️ Blacĸ Belт Clυв 🥋 ƁA, MA ❤️ #NYPD

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Anyone realize we have Communists in American government? 🇨🇳

Biden's Legacy: War, High Gas Prices, Dead Chickens, and Scary Balloons 🎈

I kid you not, liberals can't read anything, not even their EBT food card balances. 🙄

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📮 In the end, there can be only WON. #Election2022

📮 I accurately projected the results of Virginia in 2021, along with New Jersey and other races - weeks before the election.

Rs have dominion over November.

FYI Election 2022 Update 2


Monmouth: GOP + 7%
CNN: GOP + 7%
FOX: GOP + 7%
Emerson: GOP + 6%
Susquehanna: GOP + 10%
Rasmussen: GOP + 8%

-Republicans have never led by these numbers, and never led consistently for so many months this early in the election cycle - Dems have been trailing in most polls since Fall 2021.

-Keep in mind, most of the above polls have a Dem+ bias.

Make no mistake, what happens in November is a reckoning. Ⓜ️