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The same corporate liberal media shills who claimed the Hunter Biden Laptop story was “Russian disinformation” are now attacking Matt Taibbi and downplaying the bombshells contained within the Twitter Files. Make no mistake, this is the biggest media story in the last decade.

Special Agent Tim Thibault was escorted out of the Bureau in August 2022 for political bias and suppressing the laptop investigation.

How many emails did he send to Twitter?

Who took over the FBI investigation?

Who else at the Bureau knew and when?

Who gets arrested first?

The FBI received Hunter's Laptop in late 2019

They had nearly a year to authenticate it before the NY Post story dropped in Oct 2020

Instead they issue a "hack and leak" warning of foreign interference joined by "dozens of fmr intel officials"

Who orchestrated the cover up?

Psalm 97:10 - Let those who love the Lord, hate evil.

So Katie Hobbs oversees one of the most embarrassing, botched elections in the history of the country—one in which she herself is a candidate—and a federal judge has ordered Kari Lake's lawyers to pay "sanctions" for filing suit to redress her legitimate grievances.


Joe Biden just teamed up with corrupt union bosses and the US Senate to mandate rail workers accept a disgraceful contract that only gives them ONE sick day a year! Joe Biden and his union boss cronies strung workers along until after the midterms, then stabbed them in the back.

Apple relies upon Uyghur slave labor in China.

Sweatshop conditions at Foxconn's iPhone factory triggered a spate of suicides in Shenzhen.

There's also tax, warranty, and privacy concerns at Apple.

I bet Tim Cook would enjoy a subpoena from the GOP congress on all this.


The Pro-Pedo lobby is out in force:

WaPo and NYT write rave reviews of the new pedo-sympathizing play "Downstate"

Balenciaga glorifies pedophilia in new campaign

Thousands of convicted pedophiles released in Calif.

Move to call pedophiles "minor attracted persons"


Based on today's testimony at the Maricopa BOS, it's very safe to assume:

200 people per polling center were disenfranchised on 11/8
223 polling centers
44,600 votes not counted
70% likely voted R

Kari Lake nets nearly 18k votes and wins with a normal Election Day.

How can any honest Democrat want the Arizona election certified when at least 70 of 223 voting centers—in a county with 62% of Arizona’s voters—experienced errors and malfunctions resulting in multi-hour wait lines on Election Day?

Where are the “defenders of democracy” now?