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Bluelight is a f2p simulator of life in a virtual Silicon Valley, in which you get crypto rewards while launching startups, working on projects, and completing milestones.
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Hey, hey, hey, my dear community!

Hey, hey, hey, my dear community!
Evrik is in da house, and I'm here to remind you about our LEVEL UP contest on Discord 📈🔥

If you haven't heard about it yet, you're missing out! We've got some sweet prizes up to 300 USDT.

All you have to do is engage with our community on Discord and be active. That's it! It's a win-win situation: you get to have fun, make new friends, and potentially win some awesome prizes. It's like finding a hidden treasure, except you don't have to sail the seven seas to find it.

So come on, put on your leveling boots, sharpen your wits, and get ready to rise to the challenge. The contest ends on August 31st, but that doesn't mean you should put it off until the last minute.

Click the link to join our Discord server and let's LEVEL UP together! 💥

[]( game features different types of сharacter cards, each representing a specialist in the startup development process: engineers, scientists, designers, … game features different types of сharacter cards, each representing a specialist in the startup development process: engineers, scientists, designers, sales managers.

It's time to take a closer look at these cards. Get out your magnifying glass and let's go! 🔎

📅 What kind of calendar is placed in the bottom right corner?This is the character's lifetime. This represents the number of turns (days) that the specialist will remain active in the project. As the character works on the project, their lifetime decreases until it reaches zero, at which point the card is removed from play.

🧪 What are the symbols at the top left?Productivity! It indicates the number of tasks the specialist can perform each turn (day).

Remember that characters (their lifetime and productivity) are greatly influenced by external factors, such as cards placed nearby, like a coffee machines, flowers or... managers. Remember these guys? We mentioned them in this post.

Manage all these symbols effectively and maximize your chances of building a successful startup in San Crypto ✌🏻


Hi there!

Hi there!
I’ve always said that if you want to make it in the startup world, you need three things: a killer idea, a killer team, and a killer partnership.

You know, is not only about startups, but also about creativity, and NFTs are the perfect way to showcase it.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that Alexander Skorik, our CMO, join the jury board for the NFT Design Awards🏆🎉 With his expertise and eye for creativity, I know he’ll be a valuable addition to the jury team.

But that’s not all — soon we will be able to list NFTs on the platform!So, let’s raise a glass to this exciting collaboration and the great possibilities it brings. Who knows, maybe we’ll even throw a wild party in San Crypto to celebrate 🥂

Bluelight, blue light, blue light!

Bluelight, blue light, blue light!
We've got the blue checkmark on Twitter! ✔️ 💙 That’s right, we’ve officially made it!

This is a significant occasion for us to throw a grand party in San Crypto. Gua is already mixing cocktails instead of working...

But in all seriousness, we're thrilled to be recognized as a verified account and can't wait to continue sharing our news and insights with the world 🙌🏻

Don't forget to follow us for more hilarity: @BlueLightWorldsP.S. Now if only we could get a "verified" stamp of approval for Dealan’s questionable fashion choices…

Hey, fellows!

Hey, fellows!

Some updates from our friends Take My Muffin series:

In anticipation of the release of the 6th episode of the series, we are issuing a unique NFT token of the 5th episode on Rarible. Pic is created by Drew Tkalenko ‼️ Each NFT token of each episode is minted in a single copy.

Hey there ***🤙🏻***

Hey there 🤙🏻

I'm excited to introduce sshome new interior detailssh to the game officessh that are all in Victorian sshtyle.

Jussht look at thissh posshter! Whether to join sshuch a revolution or not issh certainly up to you. But I would hang it in the boss'ssh door on April 1ssht 🤫

You know, recently I've been paying a lot of attention to relaxation. Ssho… thissh thing ish for me — a new TV with a game consshole! It's desshigned in a classhic Victorian shtyle too that bringsh a touch of elegance and sshophishtication to any workshpace…

We alssho got a sshtrange shkull-shaped masshk... No one knowssh what it'sh for. Maybe you can guessh? 🤨

Let’s admit it — life would be boring without BUFFS ***⚡️***

Let’s admit it — life would be boring without BUFFS ⚡️

Whether it’s a cup of coffee in the morning, an energy drink, or some special stuff… — we all have our favorite Buffs that create the right mood and bring us pleasure 😎🤘🏼

In gaming, Buffs are effects and objects that can:

🌈 Boost or add characters’ abilities

💊 Regenerate health

Bring them magic powers

⚔️ Improve the strength of attack

🛡 Increase defense points

Unless you know cheat codes, Buffs are your key to victory. Some of them are targeted, meaning they can be applied only to certain characters. Also, their effect may be limited by characters’ location, for example, they work only within some radius ☝🏼

In, Buffs are your carrots and sticks (yup, some like it tough) that increase workers’ productivity and lifecycle. For example, a coffee machine adds +1 day to specialists’ life cycle, while Manager cards boost workers’ productivity by +2, +3 or more. You can place different buffing objects in workrooms in the Tycoon mode — they will appear at the same spots on the playing field in the Battle mode 😉


Hey, fellow crypto enthusiasts! It's your favorite humble genius, Evrik ***🤘🏻***

Hey, fellow crypto enthusiasts! It's your favorite humble genius, Evrik 🤘🏻

I've been busy researching and playing some of the coolest blockchain games out there, and let me tell you, I've found some real gems!

I just published an article on Medium that I think you're gonna love. It's all about must-try blockchain games in 2023. And let me tell you, these games are more than just play-and-earn or play-to-own. They offer a diverse and immersive gaming experience that I think you'll really enjoy.

So, whether you're a seasoned blockchain gamer or just getting started, be sure to check out my article. And who knows, maybe you'll even find the game that will take you to the moon (or at least to!

Stay cool, stay crypto, and keep on gaming! 🎮


💥 The Future of Blockchain Games: Thoughts From Our CEO 💥

In a new article on, Andrew Moroz shares his insights on the major trends shaping the future of play-to-earn games and crypto-based virtual worlds.

Read the full article here to learn more.
The future is here — come immerse yourself! 🔥

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***💥*** **The Future of Blockchain Games: Thoughts From Our CEO** ***💥***