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Multiple NY Counties Showing Exact Same Vote Counts
The above video is being suppressed on Twitter with no explanation why, but the clip appears to show multiple counties with the exact same vote counts. Is this just a website rendering bug, or something more sinister? Can anyone who has been observing NY closely chime in?

Source: Brian Lupo and the Gateway Pundit

America’s Audit Force has produced an excellent detailed report on the spurious election results in New Mexico, with lots of examples of anomalies along with action steps for demanding answers from election officials.


New Mexico Audit Force

CALL TO ACTION, NEW MEXICANS: Last night we suffered another fraudulent election. There is plenty of evidence of it in the data and there were plenty of reports of wrongdoing by poll workers and county clerks. Your next step is to demand your County Commissioners…

America’s Audit Force has produced an [excellent detailed report](https://t.me/NewMexicoAuditForce/4874) on the spurious election results in New Mexico, with lots of …

Abraham Hamadeh, AZ candidate for Attorney General has taken the lead which is good news for election integrity. 🎉 Now we just need Kari Lake (only 3,737 votes behind and closing in!) and Mark Finchem (a bit further behind) and we’d see some radical election reform in Arizona. Stay prayerful!

UPDATE: Apparently if the remaining uncounted ballots are at least 56.81% Republican, all four major races could go red! See the numbers.


Abe Hamadeh (@AbrahamHamadeh) / Twitter

Republican Nominee for Arizona Attorney General • Former Prosecutor • Veteran • Intelligence Officer ***🇺🇸***

[Abraham Hamadeh](https://twitter.com/abrahamhamadeh), AZ candidate for Attorney General has [taken the lead](https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/11/08/us/elections/results-arizona-attorney-general.html) which is good news for election integrity. ***🎉*** Now …

The ARIZONA election management model.

1) Frontload heavy early/mail vote based on how much to Election Day turnout is expected.

2) Broadcast massive leads to the public.

3) watch margins tighten dramatically.

4) turn the ketchup bottle upside down and trickle out the count over a week.

5) calculate trend, adjust accordingly.

6) narrow win in alignment with polling.

A lot of Republican candidates and willfully blind campaign managers that refused to believe that our election system is rigged, have an opportunity before them.

If yesterday didn’t wake you up, nothing will.

Every victimized candidate has an opportunity to challenge certification of their election.

In New Mexico in particular, our machines are illegal under black letter law.

Stop running a race with your eyes closed and in fear.

Your elections were stolen.

If you can’t even muster the strength to say it, you had no business leading anyone in the first place.

If you're feeling angry, it's understandable. It's hard watching another election be stolen.

Consider this:

Yesterday, there was a red wave. Patriots did their part and voted in historic numbers. Even some democrats voted for conservatives.

We all knew there would be cheating. But this time people were watching and recording it all.

Now comes the long, gruelling battle to expose the cheating and make it known to the public.

“God did not put us on this fight because it was going to be easy.”


Corruption In The Mid-Terms
A brief list of some key issues being reported:

• Election machines failed miserably across numerous states: the machines were all “down” in Mercer County, New Jersey. They were full of “mishaps” in Harris County, Texas and in Chesterfield County, Virginia and in Bell County, Texas and in Suffolk County, New York. At least 20% of all the machines were “not working” throughout Maricopa County, Arizona, causing long delays, and possibly the loss of people’s votes if they weren’t able to stay in line (the judge refused an emergency extension of voting hours). This was also after the state elections office threatened to sue Coconino County if they hand-counted their ballots.

• Voting centers ran out of ballots, including 19 locations in one county: Harris County, Texas. They “ran out of paper” in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. In fact, “officials say that roughly 44 polling locations in Luzerne County ran out of paper to print ballots.”

• Voters in Michigan told they had already voted. Same in Pennsylvania.

• Dakota County Minnesota had “modem transmission issues” requiring results to be transmitted manually. And we’re told that these devices aren’t able to connect to the internet?

• Vote totals in Ohio fluctuating up and down multiple times. Why would a vote total go down?

Georgia vote total also went down, and a late and highly suspicious ballot dump flipped the race to Democrat

• NM Governor also had vote count massively increase before falling back down

Massive vote dump in Michigan that flipped the race. Also Matt De Perno was winning for a period before a massive vote dump flipped his race - right around 1:30am when suspicious vans arrived with boxes of ballots. 🧐

• Similar dubious flip in Virginia HR 7

Many issues in Pennsylvania including illegal electioneering, and a dead man was re-elected.

• Colorado’s elections have been massively corrupt for some time, and it’s showing again in the current results

The chart for Minnesota Governor looks very dubious. Why so many blue votes at the beginning?

• A New York election worker for the Republican Party was secretly a Democrat

Apparently Michigan passed a law that says only the Secretary of State (currently the corrupt Jocelyn Benson) can audit elections

• Tucker Carlson calling for the end of voting machines (finally)

CNN saying “stay off social media people … trust your election officials, and trust us [here at CNN]” 🤣

• While Republicans are seeing some good wins, it doesn’t appear to be quite the “red wave” that was predicted in some of the polls. Is this because the fraudulent actors and black box machines are still running the same as they were in 2018 and 2020?

• But even so, the counting is not yet over. With many Republicans voting on election day, these late counts may swing more heavily Republican.

Updates or corrections to any of the above are welcome — let us know in the comments.

There’s more to come. Much prayer 🙏🏼 and action 💪🏼 is needed.


Please do not cease to pray for our country and our elections!

Things consistently on my prayer list:
1) Lord, reveal the corruption in our country and help it to be abolished.
2) Bring forth the true vote, and give us leaders after Your heart.
3) Make our Congress a house of prayer, that serves and worships You.
4) Help our public servants, to be Your servants.
5) May the Lamb of God (Jesus) receive the reward of His suffering!
5) May your kingdom come and your will be done.

This is first and foremost a spiritual war. It is too big to win by merely human thinking.

The bible promises us that if we will humble ourselves and pray, and turn from our wicked ways, that the Lord will heal our land. (2 Cron 7:14)

Have you humbled yourself? Have you confessed the things you know that would not make Jesus smile, and turned away from them? or are you comfortable with the "small" sins you do daily, and only concerned about the "big" things others are doing? Your comfort will not bring forth revival. Revival is what saves our country. It starts with you.

I want everyone to go back and look at the news report from a week or so ago that was the "mistake test" that gave some numbers - percentages - for the Lake/Hobbs race.

And then go look at what they are claiming the percentages in that race currently is.