ApeStore Council Portal

ApeStore Council Portal


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**This is the official portal to the private group by** [**@ApeStore**](https://t.me/ApeStore) **and the** [**@ApeStoreLaunchBot**](https://t.me/ApeStoreLaunchBot)

This is the official portal to the private group by @ApeStore and the @ApeStoreLaunchBot

Dm @STFGNZ , explain why you want to enter and what you can contribute to the group and request to enter here:https://t.me/+AW48xMq6rQFiZWMy
No other method will grant you access to the group.Also, please acknowledge below rules:

  1. Don't be a dick
  2. Follow @ApeStore
  3. Brag about your gains
  4. Whine about your losses
  5. Shill here first, then shill elsewhere
  6. If you offer private sale allocations here without getting the authorization from @STFGNZ you will be un-counciliated. Yes this is a real verb. Probably.
  7. Death threats are only allowed if absolutely necessary!
  8. Your friends are not your exit liquidity.