a FreakSense World - the ONLY official Charlie Freak channel

a FreakSense World - the ONLY official Charlie Freak channel


ONLY Official Channel of Charlie Freak and Family. - A World where Gods "Truth" is the foundation that we build our family upon for all Eternity.
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FreaQuency Meditation with Harry 27-MAR-23

Get ready for some regularly scheduled zen coming your way every week right on the channel live chat in @JustinCarpenter33. A wonderful opportunity to find your center amidst the seeming chaos of the out there world. We've got two time slots available to…

a FreakSense World - the ONLY official Charlie Freak channel

Amazing new channel and fantastic write-up on left/right brain and how it shows up in our lives. @riseandshine125 Great stuff Rachel! 👇🙏

Come on in ~ You are welcome to "Dig the Gems" of any of my latest gematria decodes here or if you would like to learn more about Rabbits, specifically: Rescuing Rabbits, please feel free to DM me directly on any posts here: https://t.me/Donadica. This channel is dedicated to and in loving service to the **animals and proper rabbit care, rescue, education and information.

Just some background information regarding Gematria: My first exposure to Gematria was in 2017 from a Hebrew Scholar who presented the background and formulas for several Bible scriptures. I was intrigued and stayed to speak with the teacher after the presentation. I had been on a truth seeking journey since 2011 and this seemed like it could help to uncover the deeper revelations I had been seeking. I asked the speaker where he found the time and he explained the he does it on the fly, kind of all day and everyday. There were some things he was working on that wouldn’t be finished for several days…explaining that he would post large butcher paper on the walls of his home and work them out. I had to ask…”I bet your wife is thrilled about that”, he replied “I’m single”. Ah, this explained it…:)
Well this inspired me to head home to get rolls of butcher paper and poster board and get busy with this powerful tool. In 2022 however, we moved from Oregon to Tennessee and had downsized quite a bit. No, living here, there’s not enough wall for the papers or boards here…so when Mike from Decoding the Storm (https://t.me/DecodingTheStorm) recommended that we start a channel to store and file decodes, it was a timely confirmation that this channel was a necessity, rather than multiple loose pieces of paper and online notes all over the place and what was to be a channel named solely "Bunny Tales", became "Rabbit Trails and Bunny Tales"!
My passion for uncovering the truth in all things only grew deeper as it was being revealed not only in gematria and scripture but also in my dreams, visions and my personal life. It’s fascinating, believe me ~ try it for yourself. To uncover your own codes you can check out these recommended sites; Gematrinator.com or Gematria.org.**



Learning2Fly in these Abundant Skies

**Come on in ~ You are welcome to "Dig the Gems" of any of my latest gematria decodes here** **or …

Here's the intro for a beautiful new channel created by our very own Donadica! Its full of goodness 💛🙏👇

Less than a week after Joe Biden took office, the FBI arrested a Trump supporter for posting memes about Hillary Clinton in 2016.

He is currently on trial and they’re trying to put him in jail.

There is no question that this administration has politically weaponized the DOJ.


The Seven Virtues Series: Humility

Amazing chat today 👆 and we were graced by lady Colleen about 45 minutes into it 😊

The "R" Post 👇