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Mythic Ore Announcements


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β™Ύ Mythic Ore Ecosystem Announcement*πŸ’Ž *x*πŸ”Ή*We are excited to announce that we will be migrating over to Ethereum blockchain by relaunching Mythic Ore token as ERC-20 along with all the ecosystem features.➑️Starting from now, Mythic Ore token holders can send their tokens to deployer Wallet and receive an airdrop with equal amount and value over to Ethereum launch.

*⏺*Deployer Wallet: 0xAe40157D0B81194cf8BFf710611dd6EF5d7164f3❗️Important: Starting from now new buys will not be counted for the airdrop.

➑️To be eligible for the airdrop, please make sure to send the tokens starting from Today 31/03 8pm UTC until 07/04 8pm UTC. Only the ones that send their Tokens between this period will be eligible for the airdrop.

πŸ””All Tokens on deployer will be swapped back to BNB at the 7th of April and will be used as Liquidity over the ETH Launch! Additional funds will be used from the marketing wallet to make sure that the launch will take place with approximately same initial liquidity as today, meaning that if you hold Tokens worth of 1.000$ Today, during launch on Ethereum your Tokens will worth approximately 1.000$ also.

πŸͺ‚NFTs will also be transferred and Aidroped to the Owners over the Ethereum blockchain. In the meanwhile NFT stealing will be paused until the new launch.

πŸ“¦Users can now unstake without paying any fees. All rewards from staking will be also airdroped on eth.

πŸ₯ŒGem Hunt will be paused and funds will be used for the migration

βš™οΈThere will be some changes in the Ecosystem before we completely migrate and will be announced once they are done.

πŸ‘€ETA for migration: 2-3 months

Mythicans we couldn't be more thankful to have such an awesome community by our side. It has gotten a bit quiet the past few weeks but we have been putting in work so we can figure the best solution possible. Let's continue to grow stronger and make the most of this amazing journey together! Remember, united we stand, and together we can accomplish the impossible. $MORE

πŸ’ŽMythic Ore staking deposits will be closed on our Dapp.β™ΎMythic Ore staking is now live on Nuls platform!

πŸ’Ž Welcome to Mythic Ore *πŸ’Ž*🌐* Website🌐 dAppβœ…AnnouncementsπŸ‘‰TwitterπŸ“Ή Youtubeβ™ΎShillGroupπŸͺ™ *Chainlink Recognition

πŸ””You can also use our referral code "MORE" and get a 0.5% discount on your transactions








Make sure to *πŸ‘ *upvote, *βœ… *add to watchlist & *🎚 *leave a comment on all listings possible!*♦️*Staking Pools are live with over 10% of total supply locked and staked!

*🟠*4 months lock with 325% APY (100% Filled)*🟠*2 months lock with 250% APY (92% Filled)*🟠*1 month lock with 175% APY (35% Filled)*🟠*2 weeks lock with 125% APY (28% Filled)*πŸ–Ό*NFT Marketplace. Buying & Stealing is Live

πŸ₯Œ GemHunt On-Chain Game LiveCurrent Round #3

πŸ”Έ MythicScan

$MORE #MythicOre

**We have been Officially integrated into Chainlink Ecosystem.**

We have been Officially integrated into Chainlink Ecosystem.

New YouTube Videos Uploaded⚑️

1) What is Mythic Ore Token? A short Tutorial

2) Mythic Ore Mines NFT Collection

3) How Mythic Ore Token Reflections Work

Check out our new videos! Make sure to give a thumbs up and comment πŸ””


What is Mythic Ore Token? Short Tutorial

Website: Twitter: Telegram: Mythic Ore is a digital currency that combines token mechanics with NFTs and decentralized gaming in an innovated way. It is the main currency…

**Guess who is joining** [**#Nuls**](?q=%23Nuls) **SCO Platform** *****πŸ‘€*****

Guess who is joining #Nuls SCO Platform *πŸ‘€***

We are proud to announce that we are now officially recognized by (Top 20 Cryptocurrency by Marketcap) as an ecosystem that utilizes their solutions through VRF System.

Mythic Ore is now also part of Chainlink Ecosystem and listed on their website as integrated & partnered project, bringing more trust and exposure with our community, current and new ones to come.


We are proud to announce that we are now officially recognized by @chainlink $MORE $BNB $LINK #BNB #ChainLink #NFT

We are proud to announce that we are now officially recognized by []( (Top 20 Cryptocurrency by Marketcap) as an …


Mythic Ore Price | MORE Price Index, Live Chart and USD Converter - Binance

2023-02-11 - The live price of MORE is $0.0013413 per (MORE / USD) today with a current market cap of $0 USD. 24-hour trading volume is $1,438.31 USD. MORE to USD price is updated in real-time. Mythic Ore is +7.7% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating…

β™ΎShield Giveaway Event:

Top 3 Wallets will receive
1xπŸ•›30 Days Shield.

Top 4-8 Wallets will receive
1xπŸ•’7 Days Shield.

Top 9-15 Wallets will receive
1xπŸ•2 Days Shield.

πŸͺ‚Rewards will be airdropped in the next 24 Hours based on current top wallets on bscscan (screenshot has been taken).

πŸͺ‚Giveaway Rewards*πŸͺ‚*➑️**5 Winners for 10x *🟒*Divine Runes:0x785459352E22a1316e4201a3D3B3D519356626ca

*➑️*5 Winners for 1x *πŸ•*Weak Shield:0x0fF40B16FCD69f19aF6aC1E392cf533C8998314f

*➑️*1 Winner for 1x *πŸ›‘*Road Sign:

*➑️*1 Winner for 1x *πŸ”΅*Lesser upgrade:0x86FEeA4aA5B0e651d7C061f706642D81D7E6198E

*πŸ’Ž*Thanks everyone for participating and help us on our research!