[Official] THE9 Channel (Eng)

[Official] THE9 Channel (Eng)


THE9 COMPENY : https://linktr.ee/the9com
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Subscribers: 15,649

**[ THE9 x QuestN USDT Airdrop Event ]**THE9 x QuestN 1,000 USDT Airdrop Information

[ THE9 x QuestN USDT Airdrop Event ]THE9 x QuestN 1,000 USDT Airdrop Information

🎁 Total Prize : 1,000 USDT
📅 May 22th 04:30 ~ June 30th 04:30 ( UTC )✅ Join the Event : LINK✅ Ongoing Event
- THE9 500 USDT Airdrop :
LINK[ THE9 Company ]🏠 Hompage l ðŸŽŪDiscord l ✈ïļTelegram l ðŸĶTwitter l ðŸ”ļMedium

**[ THE9 USDT Airdrop Event ]**THE9 USDT Airdrop Event Information

[ THE9 USDT Airdrop Event ]THE9 USDT Airdrop Event Information

The mission is simple with Twitter/Discord/Telegram entry. We look forward to your involvement.

🎁 Total Prize : 500 USDT
📅 May 19th 13:00 ~ June 2th 13:00 ( UTC )✅ Join the Event : LINK[ THE9 Company ]🏠 Hompage l ðŸŽŪDiscord l ✈ïļTelegram l ðŸĶTwitter l ðŸ”ļMedium

**[GitDeun AMA Inform]

**[GitDeun AMA Inform]

GitDeun Alliance, a blockchain community alliance of which THE9Company is a member, will be hosting a Cartesi X Aslan Academy AMA.

[About Cartesi]
📍Cartesi is an application rollup using the Linux OS, the dominant server operating system. Cartesi's virtual machine allows developers to bring decades of open source to their blockchain applications.

[AMA Info]*📅*** Date: May 4, 2023, 8:00 PM KST*ðŸŽŪ* Location: GitDeun Discord🔊 Speaker : Gabriel Barros (Developer Relations)

🎁 [Giveaway Prizes]
(Questions on the spot)*ðŸ’ē* $100 USDT** x 4 Winners ($25 Each)

(Live Quiz)*ðŸ’ē *$100 USDT x 10 Winners ($10 Each)
🔐 Keypair(Gitdeun Memeber) Hardware Wallet x 3 Winners
🏖 Hotel Gift voucher in Sokcho x 2 Winners❗ïļ**Event

- GitDeun AMA Twitter Raffle : LINK[GitDeun Alliance]*ðŸŽŪ*Discord l 👉Telegram l 👉Twitter l ðŸ“đYoutube[ THE9 Company ]
🏠 Hompage l ðŸŽŪDiscord l ✈ïļTelegram l ðŸĶTwitter l ðŸ”ļ**Medium

***ðŸ“Ģ*****[THE9 Announcement]*****ðŸ“Ģ***

ðŸ“Ģ[THE9 Announcement]ðŸ“Ģ

**The '2023 BOSagora X THE9 MEETUP' was held on April 25 at the Grand Ballroom of Seoul Garden Hotel in Seoul.

At the meetup, an event zone was held where attendees could experience purchasing their favorite food and goods through a blockchain-based kiosk.

We showed the structure of an ecosystem that integrates each user, such as the user who orders through the kiosk and the store owner who installed the kiosk, and presented a decentralized structure and future blueprint using THE9 points.

Attendees found it interesting that K2E (Kiosk to Earn) creates a new tokenomics. As the kiosk infrastructure grows, the number of users grows, and the number of miles issued grows accordingly.

THE9Company and BOSagora plan to cooperate to expand the kiosk business and increase token utilization. We will cooperate with each other by exchanging infrastructure information and public-private partnership networks to revitalize their respective businesses and build a blockchain-based global integrated mileage service.

[ THE9 Company ]
🏠 Hompage l ðŸŽŪDiscord l ✈ïļTelegram l ðŸĶTwitter l ðŸ”ļ**Medium

***🎉*** **2023 MEETUP Event: Connecting Blockchain and Daily Life** ***🎉***

🎉 2023 MEETUP Event: Connecting Blockchain and Daily Life 🎉

BOSAGORA and The9 Company are hosting a live MEETUP event.

Through The9 Company's kiosks, which serve as a bridge between WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0, attendees can see how blockchain is being applied in daily life and the process behind it.

📅 Date : April 25th (Tue) 14:00~16:00

ðŸĻ Location : Seoul Mapo Garden Hotel (Grand Ballroom)


BOSagora x THE9Company is hosting a offline MEETUP!As a bridge between WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0, this is an opportunity to see how blockchain is applied to everyday life through the kiosk of THE9Company.

There are various events and benefits in Meetup.


📅 April 25 (Tue) 14:00~16:00ðŸĻ Mapo Garden Hotel (Grand Ballroom) in Seoul, Republic of KoreaðŸ˜Ģ [THE9Company]
THE9Company is a kiosk platform company,
We are contributing to increasing the accessibility of blockchain to customers through the blockchain-based THE9 Mileage.

*🏠 Hompage *l *ðŸŽŪDiscord *l *✈ïļTelegram *l *ðŸĶTwitter *l ðŸ”ļ*Medium🙂 *[BOSagora]BOSagora is a public blockchain platform that has launched and operates its own mainnet, Agora.

*🏠 Hompage *l *✈ïļTelegram *l ðŸ”ļ****Medium


2023 BOSagora X THE9 MEETUP - ėīëēĪ터ėŠĪ

ëļ”록ėēīėļ ęļ°ė—… ëģīėŠĪė•„ęģ ëžė™€ í‚Īė˜ĪėŠĪ큎 ęļ°ė—… 더나ėļėŧī퍾니가 만ë“Īė–ī가는 ëļ”록ėēīėļęģž ėžėƒėƒí™œė˜ ė—°ęē°ė„ ėœ„í•œ 혁ė‹ ė ėļ ëŊļ래ė˜ ėē­ė‚Žė§„ė„ ė†Œę°œí•Đ니ë‹Ī.

**[ THE9 X DAX Friends Airdrop Event ]

**[ THE9 X DAX Friends Airdrop Event ]

THE9 and DAX Friends are conducting Tron airdrop event

📅 period : 2023.4.5 ~ 2023.4.17 ( UTC )
🎁 Total rewards : 6,000 TRX
🏆** 250 Winners

✅ Join the Event : LINK[ THE9Company ]ðŸŒģLinkTreel ðŸŽŪDiscord l ✈ïļTelegram l ðŸĶTwitter l ðŸ”đMedium



The existing kiosk market in Korea is mainly composed of rental businesses with a simple payment system.
(Typically, a kiosk installation requires a rental fee, a maintenance fee, and an installation fee)

THE9COMPANY, a kiosk platform business launched in 2019, decided to be a game changer by providing free kiosks to mom-and-pop stores in this market.


ORDER NINE brand is not just a simple payment system that is a BM for existing kiosks used in mom-and-pop stores(restaurants, cafes, etc,)
We are pioneering various distribution channels so that it can be used in tourist attractions, hotel rooms, religious institutions, senior centers, and more.

Kiosks that can only accept VAN/PG payments will be equipped with pre-purchase services (discount purchase business) and blockchain mileage services using the blockchain system, creating another path in the Web3.0.

ðŸ”ļ**[KIOSK Installation Status]

🇰🇷 (8,000 units in operation) CGV, MEGABOX, Lotteria, Golf Zone, GDR, Gyochon Chicken, Samaksan Cable Car in Chuncheon, Jeju Art Stay, Vista K, Ramada, Hotel Salom, Sweetmay, Busan Griffin Bay Hotel, and churches affiliated with the CCIK, and more.

🇚ðŸ‡ļ THE9COMPANY Foundation Corporation

ðŸ‡ĻðŸ‡ģ Operates 5,780 units in 375 China tourist attractions
(in cooperation with Lvmama, China's 1st travel agency)

ðŸ‡ŪðŸ‡Đ 121 Bus terminals (E-money charging & ticketing kiosks)

Currently, there are 8,000 kiosks installed in Korea, 5,780 in China and 121 in Indonesia, and the number of kiosks used in Korea is constantly increasing.


KT, Hitejinro, Lvmama, UN Habitat, CCIK, WELLNAU, HMCS Welfare Foundation, DOKU, Telkom Indonesia

*ðŸ”ļ [THE9 LINK]*THE9 Website ã…Ģ Twitter ã…Ģ Discord ã…Ģ Telegram ã…Ģ Medium ã…Ģ KakaoTalk