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***🏠*** **Neighborhoods and Houses**

🏠 Neighborhoods and Houses

🔸 Urban - A population dense area, main area of a city

🔸 Rural - A place where very few people live

🔸 Suburb - A place outside of the city but not too far away

🔸 Apartment - Several rooms that form a dwelling, there are usually many in the same building

🔸 Condo - Similar to an apartment by is usually privately owned

🔸 Duplex - House that is separated and has two separate dwelling areas

🔸 House - Single family home/building

🔸 Rent - You pay a monthly fee to live in a place

🔸 Own - The property is your personal possession

🔸 Roommate - Someone you live with

Level: Elementary~Intermediate
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🌐 Improve Your Vocabulary

🌀 Confusing English Verbs

🔺 Lesson by Emma
🇦🇺 Accent: Australian

Level: Elementary~Intermediate
#Come #Go #Verb #Movement
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***📌*** **Fed up**

📌 Fed up

🔸 Meaning:
Bored, annoyed, or disappointed, especially by something that you have experienced for too long

💠 Examples:
📖 I'm fed up with my job.
📖 He got fed up with all the travelling he had to do.

Level: Elementary~Intermediate
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🤔 How to Talk About Any Topic in English

🔺 Speak English with teacher Tiffani
🇺🇸 Accent: American

Level: Intermediate~Advanced
#Tips #Talk #Topic
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***🔸*** **Humanities**: Studies about human culture, such as literature, languages, philosophy, and history.

🔸 Humanities: Studies about human culture, such as literature, languages, philosophy, and history.

🔸 Sciences: Studies about the world, such as physics, biology, chemistry, and maths.

🔸 A for effort: A good mark, which is given someone for trying hard rather than for a success.

🔸 Bachelor's degree: An undergraduate course which usually lasts 3 or 4 years.

🔸 Bookworm: A term to describe someone who really likes to read and spends a lot of time on it.

🔸 Distance learning (e-learning): Education that takes place remotely, usually via the Internet.

🔸 Eager beaver: An enthusiastic and hard-working person.

🔸 Face-to-face classes: A traditional way of studying - in a classroom with a teacher.

🔸 Higher education: Education that is followed after high school.

🔸 Hit the books: Begin studying hard.

🔸 Individual tuition (private tuition): Instruction received individually or in a small group.

🔸 Intensive course: A course that offers longer and more frequent class

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***📌*** **IELTS Vocabulary**

📌 IELTS Vocabulary

📚 Education

Level: Intermediate~Advanced
#Vocabulary #Education
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***📌*** **Reading**

📌 Reading

🔸 ​​What is the difference between Table salt and Sea salt?

🍶 Table salt and sea salt have the same chemical composition, but different processing methods give them a slightly different taste and texture. Sea salt is produced by evaporating the water from seawater or saltwater lakes, leaving behind salt but also small amounts of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium, which can affect flavour. The large salt crystals give it a relatively coarse texture. Table salt, on the other hand, is typically mined from salt deposits. It is washed, purified and stripped of any contaminants. Additives are then added to prevent it from clumping. Iodised salt also contains extra potassium iodide.

Level: Intermediate~Advanced
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🔟 Tips To Build Your Vocabulary

Ways To Learn More English Words

🔺 Lesson by Emma
🇦🇺 Accent: Australian

Level: Elementary~Intermediate
#Tips #Vocabulary #Words
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***👒*** **Summer style**

👒 Summer style

👕 T-shirt
🧢 Cap
🕶 Sunglasses
🥋 Belt
👟 Sneakers
🩳 Shorts

Level: Elementary~Intermediate
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📺 Illustrated American Idioms

She wants to break up with her husband 💁‍♂️

Level: Intermediate_Advanced
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