Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie Apocalypse - How Long Can You Last Against Zombies?

Subscribers: 1,347

What will be the changes

The token contract will be changed.

Discord server restarted.

Crew3 will be replaced in the same way.

After the new contract, all participants will receive new oceans on their wallets, after which there will be a listing first on Pancake and Biswap.

Dear fans and holders

You all together, as well as the entire project team, we can say thank you to our discord moderators.
The token contract will be changed, and everyone who bought the token except for 3 individuals will receive all their tokens on their wallets.
After it, we immediately list the token on Pancake and Biswap.

Also, this fellow will close the game process. We have already dealt with the iPhone, but with the android moderation has not yet passed, it turns out that the game is in the market.

Also, the discord server will be changed.

Dear friends

This post was created purely for informational purposes, at the request of some of our subscribers, we inform you that new NFTs have been added to the AirNFTs site.

These weapons, characters and sets are also exclusive and there won’t be such for the rest of the game, so whoever acquires becomes the owner of the best quality in the game.

Hello friends

Hello friends

Have you already missed us? If yes, then we have good news for you.

On Friday, March 10, the beta test of the game will start.
This means that earlier users will be able to experience the atmosphere of battles as with NPS, as well as participate in mixed battles NPS + Players.
To be able to connect the wallet to the game, input/output TGOM Token and BUSD.

Therefore, be prepared to take part in battles and survive at any cost.

We also remind you that only those who have a pass for the beta test of the game, as well as those who bought tokens

If you don't have a pass yet, you can purchase it on the AirNFTs platform

All welcome friends

All welcome friends

Due to a long power outage, we were unable to post earlier.

So the moment of distribution of 3 places among partners and their audience.

First place went to the channel and audience https://t.me/binance_temki
And admin @MolFaR01

The second place was taken by the channel and the audience https://t.me/krm_crypto
And admin @lexakrm

Unfortunately, there is no third place, since many did not fill out the table or did not participate in promotions from other partners.

Therefore, the team came to the conclusion to increase the rewards:
1st place
125,000 tokens and 15 NFTs

2nd place
75,000 tokens and 10 NFTs

Dear participants of the Zombie Apocalypse World project

Dear participants of the Zombie Apocalypse World project

Today is January 15, which means that the last day of the Pre Sale

Therefore, whoever had the desire or delayed until the last moment with the purchase of $TGOM tokens, this moment has come.

We also remind you that now there is a New Year's offer for the purchase of x2 tokens
And the minimum purchase for this is 20 BUSD

After that, from February 20, the listing of the Token on the exchanges will take place.

Sincerely yours ZTGOMBIE

Hello friends and partners

Hello friends and partners

First of all, we want to congratulate everyone on the past and future winter holidays.

And we also make the last action from the team before the start of the game and the listing of tokens.

That's why we decided to make a holiday promotion x2

The action consists in the fact that x2 will be added to any purchase of 20 BUSD tokens in the Pre Sale section.
This means that when you buy tokens for at least 20 BUSD, you will receive another 20 BUSD as a bonus.

And once again we remind you that this is the last promotion before the start of the beta test of the game and the listing of tokens. From January 15, the Pre Sale section will be closed to the ability to buy a token.

Best regards ZTGOMBIE

Zombie Apocalypse World Happy New Year!

Thank you for staying with us ❤️

Hello Zombo Fans!

Zombie Apocalypse World decided to create an interesting promo for our community, or rather, it will affect the community of each partner or project ambassador.

And you are wondering what to do? And what do we get? The answer is very simple.

What should be done:

- Be subscribed to one of the project partners
- Buy TGOM tokens with Pre Sale for at least 50 BUSD
- Fill out the Google form (mail, your wallet from which you bought, the amount of the purchase, the link of the channel partner for whom you support and on whose recommendation you purchased the token)

What will you get:

- At the end of the promotion, a table will be posted that will indicate how many people participated in the promotion and who from which partner came and purchased tokens, and the amount of the purchase volume.
- Each partner will be given a certain amount of NFT + tokens to distribute among the participants who participated.
- There will be 3 winners in total (community partner)

This is 1st place
15 NFT boxes of Uncommon quality
100,000 TGOM tokens

This is 2nd place
10 NFT boxes of Uncommon quality
50,000 TGOM tokens

This is 3rd place
7 NFT boxes of Uncommon quality
25,000 TGOM tokens

Deadline : 15 January

Zombie Apocalypse

A Crypto based story about an immortal zombie


Hello Zombo Fans!
Private Pre Sale TGOM

Private Pre Sale  TGOM
Application for participation in the closed Pre Sale.

In total, 330 people will be able to get the opportunity to buy the token before everyone else.

The price at the closed Pre Sale will be 0.009 BUSD + an additional NFT box Uncommon will be received
which includes:

1 - Badge for the closed beta test of the game
1500-TGOM Token
2500 - HERO Token


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