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"We all know that the horrifying mistreatment of animals so often observed in Catholic countries is based on the idea that animals do not have a soul. This mechanistic view of the world, which sees animals as machines with no feelings, is particularly offensive to the faith unique to our race. To us, nature is sacred because God is manifest everywhere in nature, so we worship nature in the revelation of the eternal will. Seen in this light, to our eyes the animal is actually our "little brother," and we understand that assaulting a man that is able to defend himself is more morally acceptable than any cruelty towards a defenseless animal."
- "Trouble in the Blood: This World and the Next" from SS journal Das Schwarze Korps, June 29, 1939, booklet 26, page 11.

If you're still operating within the left/right dialectic, please hand over your adult card. 🙏

Was at a park walking around in the grass barefoot with my baby. Then we find a sign that says they were just “spraying” and to keep off the grass. I hate it here. Literally like two signs over multiple acres of land. Can’t even enjoy a damn park without worrying.

Elijah Schaffer has lost any respect I had for him. Apparently groped a woman he worked with and that’s why he got fired. Now he’s back to doing street interviews like this.

If someone comes up to you with a camera asking questions about literally anything immediately walk away calmly. You do not want to be on the internet being called a whore or an idiot forever.

I need this reminder today ^

Like bro I get it your college gf cheated on you and now you’re having troubles approaching women. Imagine how we feel? 🙃

It's amusing to hear men declare, "We've been burned by women! We don't trust them!" as if their own experiences with infidelity or heartbreak are a universal truth. Meanwhile, the reality is that men are responsible for roofying and sexually assaulting women, including children, and studies show that they're equally prone to cheating, if not more so. So why do some men continue to vilify women as untrustworthy, when the facts paint a very different picture?

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