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Patriotic Alternative Exposed


Exposing Mark Collett & Patriotic Alternative

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What’s the difference between Homeland & PA?

The answer is absolutely fuck all!

Both groups are teeming with feds and snakes!

Stay independent, but don’t go INN independent as that’s just another bunch of weirdos masquerading as ‘Nationalists’

If half these fuckers actually had a pair of BALLS, they may get somewhere, alas they have no balls and as such will get nowhere!

Do Homeland also require your passport or driving licence to join

Message to King Kebab and the Blackpool fiddler delete my data please you pair of snakes!

Anyway that’s my 2p’s worth!

Most of the time I don't bother with irrelevant people/groups. It's not a efficient use of my time to engage in any kind of destruction project against any group or peoples who make no difference to my overall objectives, especially ones who are actively destroying themselves without any assistance quite effectively. I am too busy juggling far too many live projects at once to even wish to engage for practice or sport.

However if peoples wish to continue to be insistent that I make them an enemy with lies, nonsense or by becoming an obstruction to meeting pledged objectives, I will be willing to be sidetracked briefly to let my focus take on one more project.

There have been a number of worried, upset and quite angry people who are most unhappy about the security of their personal data with PA, a few have asked that their data be deleted only to continue receiving communications. There has been indication that they may wish to seek action....

I am actually quite nice and give people fair warning before going into a "salt the earth" type project against them, take this as a warning don't make yourself a target of people who would have just ignored you to get on with what you were doing otherwise.

You know I won't "dox" others but as you lot seem insistent on being assholes I think I will assist you ex members in their pursuit of data protection proceedings.

The problem with incitement and comments like these above is once you have a large enough pressence its would be quite easy to flase flag you im sure theres a patsy around here who all they need to do now is say mark collett told me in some manifesto and go like marks good friend did with those explosives to that left wing book shop.

Mark it wasnt you pointing out the facts it was your rhetoric they had a problem with oddly you didnt mention this in your rebuttal.

The British Board of Deputies, the most powerful Jewish group in the UK, is calling for Patriotic Alternative to be banned by the government because I made the following two statements:

“The British Board of Deputies supports mass immigration into Britain and opposes groups that call for immigration control. They oppose the idea of indigenous Britons remaining a majority in their ancestral homeland.”AND

“Whilst Jews constantly talk about white over-representation and demand ethnic quotas that always result in fewer whites being employed, Jews themselves are vastly over represented in the media and are quick to silence anyone who mentions this fact.”Where's the lie?

Also, I think they just proved both of my statements to be correct!

Funny how CT was supposedly on chris mitchells case yet he was booted out and yet kris kearney can post terror manuals and still be considered part of PA.

There have been serious developments regarding Chris from Patriotic Talk in past 24hrs. Counter terrorism seem to be on his case. He made another gaffe on a recent show where he broadcast footage from Christchurch mosque shooting. Mark took legal advice this morning and was advised to put as much distance between PA and Chris as possible. Mark had to give him his marching orders. He will not be returning.

If only you had a vetting proceedure that could weed out people like this Mark, Simon says that these things stop people like this from joining your org you know people like james shand.

So here it is the final day of freedom for " years" for mr sven longshanks will PA And the Homelanders learn how to not fed post on podcasts and streams as we near the big one next week mr charlie big tatties.