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Grandfather رحمه الله was known to be a “Wahhābi”. Lived as a stranger after abandoning his career and fame in his youth for Allāh. Died as a stranger at a young age. Never got the opportunity to raise his children properly. Today, almost half his grandchildren…

Grandfather رحمه الله was known to be a “Wahhābi”. Lived as a stranger after abandoning his career and fame in his youth for Allāh. Died as a stranger at a young age. Never got the opportunity to raise his children properly.

Today, almost half his grandchildren gather together on the same creed that he had died upon, inspired since childhood by stories of his devotion. And it was in fact his grandchildren who, by the Fadhl of Allāh, bought some of his own children back to the creed their father had died upon that none of them had taken after him in.

Now half the large family are “Wahhābis”. His nearest and dearest never understood him in his life, but the grandchildren he never saw nor met — they understand him. They supplicate for him. They credit him for what others criticized. They follow in his footsteps. They cherish his mention. They gathered the sparks he left behind and lit the fire of Tawheed among each other — only by the Grace of Allāh.

Guided progenies are the results of the sincerity and devotion of a single individual. While raising children and having a family is Sadaqah Jāriyah thats reward is unfathomable, if you’re sincere, even your story can make waves.

May Allāh سبحانه وتعالى widen for him his grave make it a gardens from the gardens of Paradise. May He reward his efforts and make him proud of his progeny on Yawm Al-Qiyāmah. May He shower him with His endless Mercy.

May Allah make and keep steadfast the believing men and women, from every evil doer and their plots. May Allah free every Muslim prisoner with their head held high in honor and dignity. Ameen

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

There is an American sister, who is of Kenyan ethnicity — who is looking for a good and kind brother. The sister is unable to travel internationally at this time, and she has one young child — May Allah protect them both. The sister doesn’t mind being in a Polygamous Islamic marriage, as long as the brother is a capable and mature. If you’re interested, please message us on Instagram or WhatsApp, with a quick bio of yourself to:

Instagram: Project Mawadah
WhatsApp: +1 (567) 231‑5929


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillah, by The Fadhl of Allah we have revamped and retooled a website which aims to centralize all of the Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril’s (حفظه الله تعالى) work, past, present, and future Insha’Allah.

No doubt, we have Gems amongst us in Shaykh Ahmad and his beloved father, Shaykh Musa حفظهم الله جميعا, so it only makes sense to facilitate a means that will Insha’Allah, preserve their works for generations to come.

While it is many months past due, it is finally complete by The Will and Fadhl of Allah Alone, then the extraordinary effort put forth by our beloved brothers and sisters. I ask Allah to grant them all an abode in the highest level of Firdaws, beneath the Throne of Allah.

Insha’Allah, we will be constantly updating it and Insha’Allah will try to update it with new content as it becomes available (and translations and new transcriptions of existing content) every couple of days, or every week at the latest Insha’Allah.

Please share in the Ajr and spread this website link far and wide, and please remember in your Duā, those who spent many nights working on this, sometimes falling asleep on their desks due to sheer tiredness and exertion.

Also, please stay tuned — an exciting new Series Trailer is coming soon Insha’Allah!
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Muslims Enlisting In Kāfir Militaries | Shaykh Ahmad Mūsā Jibrīl حفظه الله | #AskAMJ🔗

May Allah تعالى reward the individual who sent in this transcript and accept from them.

Please make du’ā for our brother (and all the Muslim prisoners everywhere)

May Allāh keep him steadfast, protect him from all harm, hasten his release with honor, and ease the affairs of his family. Āmīn


We’ve received some additional translations and SRTs which we will post soon Insha’Allah — if you plan to catch up for your language, please try and do so in the next week or two. Some exciting things to come Insha’Allah, we ask Allah for sincerity and steadfastness.

Please be sure to share and follow the socials below to stay up to date with what’s to come Insha’Allah — بارك الله فيكم.

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DUĀ 2/2

So my beloved brothers and sisters, keep your tongue and heart moist with Istighfār, and compliment that with waking up while the people are sleeping, and in your Sujūd — poor your heart to Allah. Make Duā for yourself, your brothers and sisters, your family, and be greedy! For verily you are asking اكرم الاكرمين!

May Allah honor and protect the Muwahideen in the east and west, wherever they are, and May He Make a way out for them from every difficulty.

والحمدلله رب العالمين

Deviants wish they had 'Ulamā' like ours, WAllāh!While their scholars sit at the feet of the rulers & kiss up to the Kuffār in humiliation, ours remind the world of the 'Ulamā' of the Salaf — living consistently under unbearable scrutiny, restrictions, and conditions from the enemies of Allah تعالى, yet that doesn't stop them from defending the weak of the Ummah and amplifying their voices, despite it only causing their own personal problems to intensify.

That's 'Izzah. That's a scholar. That's an example of someone who has Ghayrah for the Ummah. That's someone who understood what such a lofty title demands from him.

We say with pride, that's our Shaykh.

The Imām of the West, let no one have any doubt about it.

May Allah تعالى Accept from him, Increase him in steadfastness, Lengthen his life, and Blind his enemies!