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Swing trading – is a thing for those who are patient.

At the same time, Swing trading is highly profitable.🚀

1️⃣The first step is to open a trade, e.g., we open the trade DOWN🔻

If you are right and the trend is bearish, wait for the price to reach the first consolidation zone.

2️⃣The second step is to set a trailing Stop Loss and open more trades down.

If you are right again, your profit will be maximized.🚀

When the price reaches the second consolidation zone, but the trend is still bearish, and there are no reversal signals – it’s time to open more trades down again.📉

3️⃣The third step is to find the exit point. Of course, all your trades may be closed by the Stop Loss you’ve set before, but if you see good reversal signals and close your trades following your strategy – that’s even better!

🔥Use Swing Trading and achieve great results.🔥



🛢Oil is the engine of almost all economic procedures.

But what do you know about oil and oil prices?🤔

Let’s check it here👇


​*🧨Valid Trendline!*📉In forex trading, a valid trendline refers to a trendline that accurately reflects the direction of price movement in a currency pair. In contrast, an invalid trendline fails to provide reliable information about the trend. Here are some key differences between a valid and not valid trendline in the context of forex trading:

Confirmation by price action: A valid trendline should be confirmed by price action, meaning that the price movements should consistently respect the trendline. In an uptrend, for example, the price should generally make higher highs and higher lows, maintaining an upward trajectory relative to the trendline. An invalid trendline may show price movements disregarding or violating the trendline, suggesting that it does not accurately represent the market trend.

Multiple touches: A valid trendline is typically formed by connecting multiple significant support or resistance points on the price chart. The more times the price touches and reacts to the trendline, the stronger its validity.

Volume and other indicators: Valid trendlines are often supported by other technical indicators, such as volume, oscillators, or moving averages. When volume confirms the trendline, it adds further validity to the analysis. Additionally, other indicators that align with the trendline can strengthen its reliability.

❗️It's important to note that trendlines, like any technical analysis tool, are not infallible and should be used with other indicators and analysis techniques.

[​](https://telegra.ph/file/43b3e6e7a023915b2c655.jpg)*****🧨***Valid Trendline!*****📉***In forex trading, a valid trendline refers to a trendline that accurately reflects the direction of price movement in …
***⚡️*****Are you ready for a new exciting contest?**FBS announces CPI Trading Challenge! This is an awesome opportunity to trade on …

⚡️Are you ready for a new exciting contest?FBS announces CPI Trading Challenge! This is an awesome opportunity to trade on the one of the most anticipated releases coming out on May 10, 15:30 GMT+3!

What should you do?1️⃣ Join @FBStradingchallenge_bot, press I'M IN and type your real account ID (don't share it with anyone except for the bot!)
2️⃣Trade major pairs, exotics, gold, US500, US100, crypto with this account on May 10 from 15:00 to 23:59 GMT+3.
3️⃣A person who gets more profit than others will get $100 to their real account!
4️⃣ A person who joins the Challenge and guesses the price of EURUSD at 23:59 GMT+3 will get $30 to their account!

🪙Also, we will have some other interesting activities during the CPI trading day, including livestream, tips for trading on the inflation release and raffle!

So, stay tuned and join @FBStradingchallenge_bot NOW!💥

FBS Analytics
FBS Analytics
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Every company works to generate revenue🚀. It's easy to understand revenue, but specific nuances exist.🧐

There are two types of stocks on the market: growth and dividend.

✔️Growth stocks are companies that have performed well financially and, investors hope, will do so in the future. Growth stocks generate income by increasing the company's capitalization (the rising of the price). Growth stocks include Amazon, Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook, etc.

✔️In contrast, there are "value stocks" or "dividend stocks"-the opposite story. Companies have little to no growth (the share price of these companies stays mostly the same), but they have a pretty solid dividend history. Such companies include, for example, Cisco and IBM.

🔥Pay attention to companies whose revenues are growing at a high rate (on the order of more than 8-10% per year). They are excellent stocks to buy. If the company also pays dividends, that is a bonus.

🔥Pay attention to companies whose profits are growing slowly but pay dividends. The price of shares in such companies can also increase.

🔥Open trades downward on stocks of companies whose profits are not growing but for which dividends are not being paid.

Want to know more about stocks? Catch➡️

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