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As of the change of the business model of Mainet, I decided to join another new project to promote.
The new Mainet system is not really rewarding for me personally and that’s why I will not promote it further!
But I wish Mainet all it’s partners, who continue to work with it the best success 🙏🏻🤝

I have chosen already a brand new business wich came out just a few days ago and isn’t public at all yet 🤫😊
It’s similar to Mainet but more transparent 🔎 and has a much stronger marketing Plan!! 💰

I started already placing leaders and prepare all the important information!
For all, who are interested in this kind of project, I welcome you in the new group!!


Here you will get all the information first hand and can start as one of the first in the world 🌍!!
Let’s get on a new journey 🚀


Mainet will change it’s future business model, because of the reasons that where told in the Video above 👆🏻

So what now? How it’s will continue?
Here a summary in short notes:

- you will not be able to buy packs in Mainet and get profit from it.

- you can buy a license for copy trading (500 usd/year, 2k usd/lifetime) and connect your own trading account to the company.
You have to make a new deposit in your own trading account.

- there will be a referral system, but only for the license purchase. Not for the deposit.

- All clients, who have active deposits in Mainet now, will get further profits as long as their Packs expire.

- During the system change, withdrawals will not work!

- As soon as the transition is complete, withdraws will open again.

That’s the most important info so far. As soon as I get new information, I will post it here.

Hello dear community!

Here I will drop 2 Parts in text form.
Part 1 will be about Mainet and how it continues and Part 2 will be about my personal future!

Hello guys,

Here is the recording of the zoom with Ciprian, where he explains what happened.

I made my thoughts also about that and took some decisions.

Later today I will send a summary of the state of Mainet and also my personal next steps.


Mainet Update 13/05/2023


Chers membres

Nous vous rappelons que le rendez vous est prévu dans 1h (19H HEURE DE PARIS)
Notre CEO Ciprian CICEU sera present.

Dear members

We remind you that the meeting is scheduled in 1 hour (19H PARIS TIME)
Our CEO Ciprian CICEU will be present.


Chers Membres

Nous vous donnons rendez vous ce samedi 13/05 à 19H00 ( Heure de Paris) pour vous informez d importantes mises à jour.

Il est important qu un maximum de personnes puissent y participer.
Nous vous y attendons nombreux.

Cette présentation sera traduite en Anglais

Veuillez trouver le lien ci dessous:

Dear Members

We will meet you this Saturday 13/05 at 19H00 (Paris time) to inform you of important updates.

It is important that a maximum of people can participate.

This presentation will be translated into English

We are expecting many of you.

Please find the link below:

Chers membres

Il y’a actuellement une mise à jour sur l interface de connexion.
Nos équipes y travaillent.

Merci de relayer l information

Votre équipe MAINET

Dear members

There is currently an update on the login interface.
Our teams are working on it.

Thank you for relaying the information

Your MAINET team

Dear Members,

Many of you have contacted us regarding non-receipt of funds.
After investigation we realized that this was due to the expiration of the USDT addresses linked to the BINANCE portfolios.
Therefore, for security reasons and the protection of your funds, we are postponing the withdrawals until Wednesday to allow you to modify your USDT address directly on your Back Office.
We thank you for your understanding.

Your MAINET team

Dear Members,

Following the various updates made this weekend that made it difficult to access the website, all robots will be automatically activated for you.

Thank you for your understanding

Your MAINET team

Dear members

We are currently under maintenance for a few hours.
We are doing our best to solve this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding