لم تكن تحتوي عظام
- من تقَصد؟
التي أحبها، أنها أرق من جِنح الفراشة .
@azootanajim .

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Your eyes stole my heart 🌎'

she’s my gf, break her heart i’ll break your face !!😈

i’d risk it all for these eyes🪽'

whenever im in a bad mood, all i wanna do is listen to music 🩵.

tears are words the heart can’t say

my toxic trait is i overthink and break my own heart !

I'm sorry I'm not what you expect🩵..

i think about you all the time🫣.

you can’t replace me. but have fun trying

Keep going, Keep believing, Keep hoping, Because Allah has a bright future in store for you 🩷..