climbing up instability

climbing up instability


joining the war on vampirism on the side of vampirism

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بچه‌ها من قراره تا بعد کنکور آف بمونم و اکانت دیگه‌ای هم ندارم مجبورم بعضی وقتا تو همین اکانتم آن شم ولی فکر نکنم برسم واسه پیویا
just saying, take care n wish me luck

yall agree that my kogal girlfriend is hoping for my appearance in shibuya dont you??

humanity’s literal intelligence has been shown FINALLY

یک نفر irl قدرت گرفتن هیومرم رو داره راستش از نشانه‌های آخرالزمان

i mean it was all fun and games until i found myself yelling over a yeonjun tiktok video

☆ Forward this and I'll tell you what you have in your bag and what it looks like

snapping back to reality faced failure today