CEZIED hiring degem

CEZIED hiring degem


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dde galak jg gapapa

kt butuh dede gemes

setelah sekian abad akhirnya cezied opmem, ayo join

***💀******💀***. Hi, We Are Cezied!

💀💀. Hi, We Are Cezied!
We're looking for the new member, if you interested please read the rules and send the format bellow

★★. Rules:
★. Make sure Subscribe channel @ofccezied & @cezied
★. Put "Czd" (tap auto copy) on your display name
ex : czd. belle / belle czd
or put #cezied on your bio
ex : Hi there! I am using Telegram #cezied
★. All gender & all chara allowed.
★. Talkactive dan mudah berbaur bersama yang lain.
★. Tidak mendekati masa L/H/D
★. Kami tidak menerima clone account, ataupun mata mata.
★. Share poster ini ke channel pribadi kalian.

Done all rules?

" Hi, i'm @.username + @.usnchannel interested to join you guys! "

Send format ke @czdassistbot see ya on the base!