Web3 Protocol

Web3 Protocol


Web3 Protocol that offers everyone best giveaway service

Business enquiry:- Dm @Darius0007

ManagersπŸ‘‰ @godspeeed7 or @ItsSecret_bro

Subscribers: 20,995

**Web3 Protocol X FNS DAO** **$NFT** **Giveaway

Web3 Protocol X FNS DAO $NFT **Giveaway

πŸ†Prize Pool:- $1000 DOMAIN + $100 USDT

RT & Join :-https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1640380634412507136?t=dtUUPsGhvQUfOSOjrOjL4Q&s=19 πŸ”₯ Distribution:- Within 3days of event end**

**Arbitrum** just recently launched it's token and got listed on top exchanges.

Arbitrum just recently launched it's token and got listed on top exchanges.

You may view the news and updates for a number of ecosystems on the Arbitrum network below, which gonna explode in the future.

RT & LIKE all πŸ‘‰https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1640246463799128065?t=bfPgHpQQ0GA9m3yA41PJeg&s=19

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*βœ…$10,000 $GP & $200USDT BOX WINNER LIST ANNOUNCED :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ofqBTa5jIqAZQzo1_BVtSYstuz4A9iU1kQR4J9TMXSY/edit?usp=sharing *πŸ’ΈCongrats if you won the reward !! Soon you will receive your reward in your wallet

Like & RT if you won πŸ‘‰**https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1639918963151781888?s=20

*****πŸŽ‰***$3000** **$PETAI** **X Web3 Protocol Airdrop

*πŸŽ‰$3000 $PETAI *X Web3 Protocol Airdrop

πŸŽ‰ $3000 $PETAI + $100 USDT ( RANDOM 1000 )

Event link :- https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1639674297047216129?t=B4Mp4lKnEE96L71Ll6jBWw&s=19 πŸ”₯ Like & RT , Tag 3 friends πŸ˜³πŸ‘( Ends on 30 March )**

*πŸŽ‰Cadena AI 300k Token Reward distributed to FCFS 500 People with 20x Reward amount as early supporter to users :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tDtK6UDoPRGY6fZm6XZ5x-tmOJi_O7BkuPKLbAPzhm0/edit?usp=sharing *πŸ”₯Distribution proof :- https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1639638762811543553?t=MMAMcAv4zEa2dwhDTWJILQ&s=19 πŸ”₯ Congrats to Luckiest FCFS users in list**

*πŸŽ‰*$TIN Distribution:- 2,500,00 $TIN **successfully distributed to all winners

Tweet link :- https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1639121327985422337?t=RiYj0V6a6gMDYizcIRVpQQ&s=19 Kindly check your wallet on official website πŸ‘πŸ™‚. Wait for more Giveaways
If someone not received, kindly message to official
$TIN telegram or socials

*****πŸŽ‰***10000** **$AMETA** **X Web3 Protocol Airdrop

*πŸŽ‰10000 $AMETA *X Web3 Protocol Airdrop

πŸŽ‰ 10000 $AMETA + $200 USDT ( FCFS 2500 + RANDOM 100 )

Event link :- https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1638938276617699328?t=DeYkPNZeeFWcH-oKmo0-rQ&s=19 πŸ”₯ Like & RT , Tag 3 friends πŸ˜³πŸ‘( Ends on 28 March )**

***πŸŽ‰*****$200** **$ECON** **X Web3 Protocol Airdrop

πŸŽ‰$200 $ECON **X Web3 Protocol Airdrop

πŸŽ‰ $200 ECON + $100 USDT ( RANDOM 200 + TOP 20)

Event link :- https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1638527541320269824?t=5SOZgqZ8AG5r36N0MUdDjQ&s=19 πŸ”₯ Like & RT , Tag 3 friends πŸ˜³πŸ‘( Ends on 27 March )**

***πŸŽ‰*****$10**,000 ENIX X Web3 Protocol Airdrop

πŸŽ‰$10,000 ENIX X Web3 Protocol Airdrop

πŸŽ‰ $10,000 $ENIX **( FCFS 1500 + RANDOM 500)

Event link :-** https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1638452116434944000?t=aC9Y9sujnblgiMIUABM2vQ&s=19

You can join :- https://t.me/ASENIXinitiative *πŸ”₯ Like & RT , Tag 3 friends 😳*πŸ‘( Ends on 27 March )**

*****πŸŽ‰***Lotto Vegas winners reward distributed.

*πŸŽ‰*Lotto Vegas winners reward distributed.

Those who joined in the event and filled the Sol address, check official Lotto Vegas website , you have received your 100 Chip ( 0.05 Sol).

Use chip to Mine $ LV tokens πŸ™‚πŸ‘

(Top inviters & other invitation reward on pending .. soon distribution will start)*$LV* Minning proofs :- https://solscan.io/token/FnrW56LXioE5AaJ1zYQimZVRRx9Rwk3jZKqsTAHYwGyY Like & RT if you won πŸ‘‰**https://twitter.com/Web3_Protocol/status/1638212808537178112?t=NNBGgKPT-c5wSO6UDr0HVw&s=19