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Today’s Cloudflare outage brought down a large portion of the internet

Luckily, a company that provides network services to millions of sites quickly fixed the problem.

The current internet has become quite fragile due to centralization and excessive corporate dominance. We wrote about this earlier, predicting that the number of such incidents will only increase.

We see the future of the global network in decentralization and blockchain technologies. TON has a chance to play a decisive role in this because TON is a decentralized metacloud.

Our vision is described in more detail in this article:


Online Hack-a-TON with a prize fund of 40,000 TON will start on July 1 and will run for only 48 hours.

Unite in teams of up to 4 people and get ready for a brainstorm and the implementation of MVP in JavaScript.

More on @toncontests.

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for FunC language gets major update

With the new update, the plugin has overtaken the Solidity plugin in terms of functionality and convenience:

— Syntax highlighting;

— Code completion;

— File templates;

— Goto declaration;

— Code formatting;

— Support not only FunC but also Fift and TL-B;

— Support for the latest FunC language updates;

The source code is open. We thank the author andreypfau for the excellent work.

Install FunC Plugin from IntelliJ catalog »

Happy coding ❤️

[@mobile]( - anonymous international **eSIM** that you can purchase with TON.

@mobile - anonymous international eSIM that you can purchase with TON.


NFTs are our way to fight for property rights

NFT technology is only beginning to tap into its full potential. Today, a lot of people view NFTs exclusively as a speculation tool: They want to buy some token representing art at a low price and then sell it at a higher price. But if we delve deeper, we’ll…

The Open Network

Nominator pools

In the Q1 of this year, the first TON staking pools (nominator pools) were launched by the TonWhales team on their own smart contract. At the moment, users have staked more than 7.5M Toncoins in these pools!

Today we present an alternative version of the pool smart contract. This smart contract is natively integrated into the mytonctrl tool used by validators.

This means that now any validator can easily run their own pools and users can stake Toncoins into the pools and earn.

TON nominator pools are low-risk and are a kind of decentralized alternative to bank deposits.

The catalog has been created where validators can publish their pools, and users can find the most suitable pool for a stake. »

We remind you that you should follow the @tonstatus channel if you:

— TON network validator;
— developer of TON service;
— Toncoin is integrated into your product;

The @tonstatus channel posts important technical announcements and network updates.

New testnet

Developers usually test their products on a testnet (a separate network where coins have no value) before launching them on the mainnet.

This week TON testnet was completely relaunched on powerful hardware to increase its stability and responsiveness. Testnet API, explorers, wallets and other testnet infrastructure have been updated.

We launched the previous testnet exactly a year ago, when there were not so many developers. We are glad to see that now the number of TON developers has increased greatly, so that the previous testnet, launched on rather weak hardware, has ceased to cope with the load.

Mainnet validators please update your software to new version:

— in mytonctrl run update then upgrade\-blockchain/ton.

— if you don't use mytonctrl please manually rebuild code from master branch of

Update your validators one by one, don't update all at the same time.

TON Core Update 2022.05

— Improved persistent state serialization - optimized memory usage; nodes start the serialization process now not at the same time.

— Improved peer-to-peer network stability and DDoS resistance.

— Improved lite-server DoS resistance for running get-methods.

— Initial node synchronization improved - nodes with low network speed and/or bad connectivity will synchronize faster and consistently.

— Fixed some theoretical edge cases in TVM arithmetic operations related to big numbers (2**63+).

— RocksDB updated to a newer version.


— Support smart contract libraries.

— Get-methods completely fill c7 register.

— Get-methods support Slice arguments.

— Improved messages listing for transactions.

— Added extended block header params.

— Added getConfig method.


— Fixed rarely manifested bugs in Asm.fif.

— Lite-client supports base64 remote public key as CLI argument.

Thanks to all the contributors who participated in this update!