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*****⚡️***** **Crypto Vampire Dao X Zk\_Harvest Partnership Massive Giveaway ***❤️‍🔥**********🌐***** **Listing Soon (Zksync Network)*******❤️‍🔥*******Reward Pool:- 5000$** **$ZHK** **(FCFS)*******👉***** **Join here:** …

*⚡️ *Crypto Vampire Dao X Zk_Harvest Partnership Massive Giveaway ❤️‍🔥*🌐 *Listing Soon (Zksync Network)*❤️‍🔥*Reward Pool:- 5000$ $ZHK (FCFS)*👉 *Join here:*🔥 *FCFS 1000 & Random 500 Winners* *Additional information
Giveaway will end on 6th June, rewards Will be Distributed Days After IDO ends .

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🔥Here Is The Winner Of Our today,s #TEXTAMA With

AMA WINNERS (20$ Each)😍😍
1️⃣. @shimantohossain
2️⃣. @Michelle059
3️⃣. @saadmahmud123
4️⃣. @naziur0101
5️⃣. @bitmartt2

Our Admin @Jacov_CV Will DM the winners to collect the UID

***🥰***We're pleased to announce our first [#TEXTAMA](?q=%23TEXTAMA) with [](

🥰We're pleased to announce our first #TEXTAMA with

➡️ Venue- Here*👈*👈* *TIME - 19th May at 13:00 UTC*🎁*Total reward pool - $100*🔥*Segment 1: Introduction*🔥*Segment 2: Questions about the exchange*🔥*Segment 3: Quiz**Quiz: 10 questions will be asked and the first one to answer will be the winner, each winner will get a prize of 10$.*🆘*Note: A person can win maximum of 1 time.*➡️ *Questions can be asked in English.*➡️ *KYC mandatory level-1 (Will get exclusive mystery box)*🆘*Must Sign-up from this link: (Otherwise No reward)

**Winner list Update*🏆*Crypto Vampire Dao X Better Click Ai Giveaway Winner list :**Distribution After TGE By Better Click Ai Team.

Winner list Update

🏆Crypto Vampire Dao X AIPTP.COM Giveaway Winner list :

Distribution After TGE By AIPTP Team

**Winner list Update

Crypto Vampire Dao X CloudCoin Finance Giveaway Winner list :

Distribution Within 7 Days By CloudCoin Team

*****⚡️***** **Crypto Vampire Dao X Better Click Ai Massive Giveaway ***🔥**********🌐***** **Listing TBA*******🔥*******Reward Pool:- 60000** **$BCA** **(FCFS)*******👉***** **Join here:** [****](*****🔥***** …

*⚡️ *Crypto Vampire Dao X Better Click Ai Massive Giveaway 🔥*🌐 *Listing TBA*🔥*Reward Pool:- 60000 $BCA (FCFS)*👉 *Join here:*🔥 *FCFS 500 & Random 500 Winners**Additional information
Giveaway will end on 15th May, rewards Will be Distributed After TGE.

New FCFS Coming 👀****

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🥰 1500 $Trx Community Giveaway rewards Distributed.*🔥*Winners Kindly Check Your Wallet.#Distribution#Giveaway#Winner