Ollie's art and memes

Ollie's art and memes


Probably gonna be more than an art channel.

Expect lefty stuff, nerdy stuff, cute stuff, funny stuff, stuffy stuff, and probably some other stuff.


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@whekii (me)

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Ollie's art and memes
Ollie's art and memes

Muh "free market" when the market actually adjusts to user demands for once

Okay the funniest part about right wingers seething about corporations going "woke" is they refuse to accept the notion that it's just because that's what makes the corporations the most money now

All the Māori-language schools at all levels are co-ed

I saw some places like it and it freaked me out. My main thought was wondering how anyone ever found their home

How much of America looks like this?

We need a dick🍆tatorship of the 👀🤯proletariat🤤😖 on this 😍😘pussy

I think I'm just putting that out that there that I'm not affiliated with @fernwahshitposts in any way, shape or form, or maybe this is all an elaborate prank and I actually am behind this channel, we'll never know