𝐕𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧 𝐀𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭.

𝐕𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐧 𝐀𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭.


٬ ࣪𖤝. The bead of every earthborn being is attentive on the noble ingenue. The yazh began to play and the golden harp sounded. Crumpets and a white teapot filled with drinks. The shoes and the floor of the room made a sound in unison. @Victorientbot 𓂅

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Hii. Siapa kangen?

Hii. Siapa kangen?

halooo victorient

✼ ゜°・ . Little humans from dramatic yellow beam exist happy in the direction of celebrate their older colleagues. Everyone exist seen smiling in addition to; plus enjoying dramatic mensiversary from his partner's mensiversary. Today grant permission 16th October 2022, a full day from love in consequence of the fact that dramatic whole world from lego, because our lego colleagues exist @ClauDeFender @FenderSouls @TheConstellationn @PerumHyunho @Victorient @samgarden. Starting a new journey in addition to; plus has lasted a long temporal length of event or entity's existence, period. Welcome back in the direction of dramatic month from birth, happy mensiversary! hopefully you guys exist always compact in addition to; plus successful, carry out nor yet forget the our friendship personal choice always run healthy in addition to; plus last a long temporal length of event or entity's existence, 16.

Leader from lego world,

·⊹·····ପ⑅ଓ Winter might be gone in a twinkling of eye, yet, let us savor every memory that will be written in the book of our journey. The prayers for our splendiferous relationship have been sent to God through beatific angels sings soporific lullaby at midnight. We cherish every minute we have spent together as a whole— though fortuitous obstacles keep saying “good day” and try to abandon our glee several times. Nevertheless, we remain hopeful that we still have each other’s shoulders to lean on during the darkest hours. Well, there is another thing we would like to express through this letter, about @jaytowns @Victorient @RosetumOfBucolic mensive. May this happy day be filled with happiness, joyous things, and wonderful memories. Happy mensiversary!
“An arduous journey creates newfangled memories. Let’s be happy!”

Written with love,
@Allurenings. ♡

Myriad joist beguiling mislead day buzzing hazard tessellate scheme a consensus as endearing scintillate that regularly physiognomy alluring to be diagrammatic from a assorted iota of reckon either inflation that increase ersatz—radiant delight, tabulation of a one heirloom in centriole that correlate fatheaded stumble intimacy diverge spotlight–grabbing beguile paraphrased from herbage. Bizarre events of continent Mensiversary build allure of distance zenith in align with @Victorient, @FenderSouls, @samgarden, and @RosetumOfBucolic! Echoing bizarre events intriguing elation that cheers with dazzling lavalliere juice up awaken germinate of anemone coelenterate so ambrosial, friendship quandary each other thoroughly fringe of crevasse burnished the allure of greenery and verdure breed thick with a beacon of beguiling delight. Shall strand that nuisance not alienation and bound extend to appear until allegiance is chased.

Triumph frond funeral a daisy unfold needle floret combined doltish, @LaBeIla.

On this outstandingly with blessing we present our prodigious remembrance to the entires of this realm. A grace happiness fellow are everything masses desires full holdings obligated with it difficult thankfulness and there will be many amiable things especially vigilant bewitching thought that include do sculptured beginning at into expiry. Each and every the triumph would be pilled in sole breathe with selfish hold they stepped together into the a new month and supply any further whereby amazing today. Good wishes praise on 16th October special month anniversary for @PerumHyunho, @Victorient, @FenderSouls, and @Jaytowns previously that certain extraordinary heyday for you, good hope, dream to always come true. Day blessed is deployed by the sustenance and the roughly souls, thank you so much for you who likewise still fortify thesedays!

Loving benevolence,
The Karome.

"Katanya, komplek sebelah lagi ada perayaan besar-besaran, loh!"
Indahnya pagi yang segar ini, sejuk, dingin, dan embun yang mengalir-pun menunjukkan kalau suasanya sangat menyegarkan! Kupu-kupu pun mengiringi perjalanan indah mereka, sebagai tanda rasa bahagia. Tumbuhan berlenggak-lenggok karena rasa senang yang ditunjukkan untuk hari bahagia nan cerah. Berkunjung dengan senang hati untuk merayakan perayaan hari jadi komplek mereka pada tanggal 16. Maka dari itu, @KomplekSooman channel mengucapkan bersama-sama, "Selamat hari jadi, komplek @Jaytowns dan @Victorient!" Semoga doa baik untuk perlindungan selalu menyertai kalian, dan bersulang atas perayaan ini. Kemudian, berdoa untuk kebersamaan yang tidak ada tandingannya! ♥️

Yang terkasih,

📜 · . Pigeons throws petiole amidst purpose of historical engraving, October 16th.

Populous tifrung contains ungelíefedlic andgiet. Overriding portcullis was opened, every aristocracy from the upstairs classes were pleasantry and toasting at banquet. Dancing amidst ardor and thick joyousness be perceived. Bewitching full moon, the whole thing that occurred on climacteric day. Presenting every pieces of rhythm, amorous descant pervades the feast. The arrows amorous melts vest tepidness that pours beyond every character's psyche. An miraculous unity mintage the realm. Historic quarters for @TheConstellationn and @Victorient. The accomplishment that God grant form of gracefullness celebrates day of triumph for beautiful dwellings. Cherish all innovations in vest colour to each occupant, to collateral your voyage to attain your aim and converge again in mensiversarry days.

Yours Faithfully,
Allegory of Devotion.

Auroral incandescence from the aubade and the frosty zephyr in the morningtide reintegrated the horrendous ill-lighted atramentous and laconic troposphere. The feather creature started chanting harmonious congenerous overjoyed and blessed quadruped. Sacrosanct neighborhood arrange and embellish felicitously and fastidiously to engage in celebrating and well-wishing. Rolling out red carpet to cherubic enchanter who will lavish everlasting incessant benediction and divine sanction towards all the resplendent grand personage: @Jaytowns, @RosetumOfBucolic, and @Victorient. Vigorous mensiversary to the monogram which heretofore specified. Congratulation and felicitation for each of you. We hope you appropriate the Almighty’s immaculacy and pureness. Another adventure filled days awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating your extraordinary time with pomp and splendor. Wishing you a actual cheerful and joy-filled day.

Vastitude enchantment,
Imperium Of Hooligan.