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kata sastro kalau ada yang jahatin pukul aja kepalanya, kalau ga punya kepala gimana?


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First Impression. Vibes Chenlenya beda banget gituya. Kayak lebih ke swag dan cool, karena biasanya gua nemuin rp Chenle yang kayak biasanya, cute-cute gitu. Kelihatan pendiam dan tipikal yang ngga banyak ngomong gitu dah. Tapi orangnya percaya diri-an, supeerr confident.

Writing Prompt For You. Raised in an orphanage, you know nothing of your magical heritage. However, when you reached the age of maturity, you discovered that you possessed the powers of both the light and the dark. You don't know how your dark powers came to be, but they could get you killed by the magical enforcers: a group sworn to remove black magic from the world. That's why you fled the orphanage in the dead of night and never looked back. You survived on the streets, using your wit and your grit as well as a little bit of your dark powers, but only when absolutely necessary. Now an adult, you still remain in the shadows, keeping to yourself. One fateful night you stumble across an attempted murder. You refuse to watch an innocent man be killed. With no choice but to use your dark powers, you save his life. Little do you know that the handsome man you saved is, in fact, a magical enforcer.

Short Description. Halo Haven! Ini Haven kelihatan lumayan noisy si anaknya, sejauh yang gua lihat di kanal. Berisiknya juga yang tenang dan ngga begitu heboh gitu dah. Terus ni Haven juga cuek-cuek gimana gitu vibesnya, gua ngga tau dah antara clumsy atau memang kalem & sometimes quiet.

What I Like About You. Gua suka nama lo, kayak unik dan bagus aja dan baru gua nemuin jugasi di rpw. I like your muse too, look so suitable on you.

FMKH. Cute Reminder. You are stronger than your anxious, scary, intrusive thoughts They will pass, they always do. You are so brave for enduring them.

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