A black-eyed swan
upon the widening stream;
and when thou first didst
in that mirror trace
the placid features of
a human face. Ready
to watching them?

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Warmth and happiness greet a beautiful morning! today we would like to say congratulations for @Accesstation, @Wiiikly, and @HyubaNation who's celebrating their mensiversary, let's celebrate this special day with happiness and don't forget to always be happy, see you on the next 30th!

With love, Shuciation! ♡

susiers siapa masih bangun

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Once a brother, always a brother. As offshoots flake-out branches, they elvolve into the broods that demonstrate in the rear …

Once a brother, always a brother. As offshoots flake-out branches, they elvolve into the broods that demonstrate in the rear of your head—looking for the best ones to walk to, best ones to talk to. Fret not, we are boldy present BRUVVERS reflection of brotherhood of souls are seeking for the missing mosaic. Afore thou clear-cut to affilate to us, tenderly mind these points;

  1. Whole quantity types from roleplayers are permitted. However, ensure you use male portrayers as your fixed muse. Multi characters nor temporary terribly are not permitted.

  2. Clone and seldom active account are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, talkatives, crackheads, and louds is much preferred.

  3. We prioritize those who could mingle with everyone and who have no intention of leaving this virtual realm soon.

If you feel you're capable enough to be a part of us, bestir yourself to contact us through @BruvversBot. Not all brothers are siblings!

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𓄹 ࣪𖧷 Sending a box of warm greetings to all the mellow potrayers here. A beautiful day came to say hello and invite us to play together in the park, with obstacles, we still felt lonely. With this the froggies, Gaeguri of Yeojin, want to find a new frogs to enliven our party with some regulations;

⊹ Because we are a Yeojin association, so we only accept anyone who uses LOONA's Im Yeojin as their permanent face claim. We banned a spies, clone accounts in the wrong way, two-faced, and all negative things that can boggle the name of Yeoguri. We will give extra lemon tea for anyone who can get along easily with us, always active, can be discussed, and not a silent reader. If you are interested and have complied with these rules, come and register yourself to our helper robot. We will be happy to wait for your attendance in the donut pond and prepare you a large piece of watermelon. ♡🐸